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The Daniel Gran Wax Museum of Collectible Minifigures

Well, this is certainly one way to display your Collectible Minifigs. Daniel Gran (shutinc) has built a gorgeous edifice to house his collection.


Daniel apparently plans to run wiring throughout the building to light it up (note the blue lamp up on the roof). Check out the photoset on Flickr to see the interior.

Octan Racing Le Mans prototype race car by LegoExotics

This Le Mans race car by Jens M. (LegoExotics) goes so fast we missed his red, white, and green streak of awesome when he first posted it.

C 01-11 Le Mans Prototype

The Technic scale lets Jens achieve a lot of detail in a relatively small space, like the lovely blue and tan square or those little antenna thingies.


The Right Shot

Sometimes, getting the right photo of a creation seems to be as important as the construction itself. A poor photograph can reduce a great creation to mediocrity, and a great photograph catch the eye, drawing the viewer in to examine more closely.

The latter was the case with this vertical tank by Ribbitz over on flickr. When I saw a thumbnail of this photo in my contacts’ streams, I had to take a closer look. While I might like it if the gun weren’t slightly cropped out, the composition is still quite nice. The viewer gets the impression of a hulking, heavily armored artillery vehicle. In fact, the creation is quite small, and reveals nicely detailed legs.

HAU 'Seaside' Vertical Tank

Winner’s Circle

The competition was grueling, the competitors determined. All said and done, there were 231 creations contributed by 85 different builders.

Classic-Castle has announced the winners to their annual contest, the Colossal Castle Contest VIII! Head on over here to see the winning entries!

All of the entries can be seen here.

Congratulations to everyone!

Schfio’s adorable baby LEGO bunnies celebrate Chinese New Year

Hong Kong LEGO fan Schfio recently posted a pair of rabbits that are so cute I’m not sure what could be cuter.


Although we welcomed the Year of the Rabbit with our Japanese readers back in January, most of the rest of the world celebrates the Lunar New Year alongside our readers in China. To all our readers in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Xi’an, Taipei, and everywhere else in the Chinese-speaking world, we wish you all 恭喜發財! May the new year bring peace, prosperity, and happiness wherever life takes you.