Meth-roaches go *splat* under the heels of the Octan Sec-Mech

The fuel that powers all those racers in the recent LUGNuts challenge has to come from somewhere. And something has to defend that fuel from meth-roaches. Wait, what? Take it away, Mark Stafford!


Click through for the full backstory.

3 comments on “Meth-roaches go *splat* under the heels of the Octan Sec-Mech

  1. Exstasis

    Great diorama, great mech… love the Octan theme, and the legs are especially nice. My only critique would be that the torso is a bit squat; it seems like the mech should be slightly taller in order to be proportionate. That’s all. A fun piece!

  2. Dan

    Funny that before reading any of the text, I thought “wow, Mark Staff has been building a lot.” He’s got quite a distinctive style.

  3. akunthita

    I actually like the landscape the most! He has an other picture that shows the landscape online and it is quite spectacular! (c:

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