The Right Shot

Sometimes, getting the right photo of a creation seems to be as important as the construction itself. A poor photograph can reduce a great creation to mediocrity, and a great photograph catch the eye, drawing the viewer in to examine more closely.

The latter was the case with this vertical tank by Ribbitz over on flickr. When I saw a thumbnail of this photo in my contacts’ streams, I had to take a closer look. While I might like it if the gun weren’t slightly cropped out, the composition is still quite nice. The viewer gets the impression of a hulking, heavily armored artillery vehicle. In fact, the creation is quite small, and reveals nicely detailed legs.

HAU 'Seaside' Vertical Tank

5 comments on “The Right Shot

  1. Jean C

    I’ve heard of this phenomenon of a poor photograph reducing a great creation to mediocrity… but have yet to see an example. Care to point one out?

  2. Dan Post author

    I’m afraid I don’t keep a record of things that fail to impress me. There have definitely been creations I’ve seen at conventions that looked good and hadn’t seemed worthwhile online.

  3. JuanNavarro

    Lighting and getting a good type of macro shot is the hardest thing for me.
    One question: how can one find out what kits are best for making mechs? I’ve started putting some stuff together now form Lego Creator but where else do I go?

  4. Exstasis

    I like the top half and I like the bottom half, but I’m not sure they go together terribly well. It’s still nice work though, and you’re right- the photography makes a big difference.

  5. Creative Anarchy

    It’s not as if there are many sets that are perfect for it but generally the more detailed the set the better it parts into mecha. Sets with engines or hoses or small moving parts. Sets with greys. I have box of parts I’ve been fiddling with to make a small mecha or powered armor. So far most of what’s in there are from vehicles or space sets but there are a lot of unusual pieces from World Racers, Castle or Agent’s. If you can get your hands on any of the Exoforce there are a lot of applicable parts but more so some amazing decals.

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