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Upcoming sci-fi items from BrickArms

BrickArms will soon release some recognizable and highly-anticipated custom sci-fi weapons for your minifigs. These include the plasma sword, energy pistol, photon pistol, and the needle gun.

These items will be mass produced in a variety of colors, including transparent colors. The exact release date has not been determined, but according to BrickArms spokesperson Badger, “fans of BrickArms can expect these accessories to join the BrickArms family sooner than later!”

As usual, you can expect the highest quality custom accessories from BrickArms and 100% compatibility with LEGO products. The energy pistol and needle gun prototypes have different colored sections for added detail, while the full-production versions will be available in single colors.

Visit the BrickArms Forums to discuss these and other accessories and see what else is coming in 2009!

Don Quixote and the windmill

Gork presents the famous scene from Don Quixote when the delusional knight errant charges the giant with four great arms, aka the windmill.

Back to the past with Samurai Jack

For those who have seen the cartoon Samurai Jack, you’ll recognize the infamous Aku built by ImpreSariO.

5935 Island Hopper seaplane redux by Mike Psiaki

Mike Psiaki continues to churn out great additions to his Jurassic Park layout.

His latest is actually inspired by 5935 Island Hopper, from the Adventurers “Dino Island” series.

Here’s Mike’s current lineup of terrible lizards:

UNSC AV-14 Hornet VTOL by Chuck Citrin

Chuck Citrin isn’t afraid to build LEGO creations inspired by Halo, mainly because he does it so well. Here’s his cargo and maintenance variant of the AV-14 Hornet:

Regardless of the inspiration, I’m always amazed by Chuck’s ability to fit minifigs inside his tiny little vehicles.

Madness ensues at Rocko’s medieval market

While we all eagerly wait for the release of 10193 Medieval Market Village next month, we can enjoy the fruits of Rocko‘s labors:

For the “Act of Chivalry” category in this year’s Colossal Castle Contest, one of Rocko’s signature “Leians” rescues a bunch of unfortunate lads, their savior astride a glorious pegasus:

If you’ve built something of your own for the Colossal Castle Contest VI, don’t forget to submit your entry.


Andrew Lee based his latest mecha on a frame by Soren Roberts, but the head reminds me of classic 1980s Japanese superheroes:

Surprisingly, the mecha fits a minifig pilot!

5×10-foot Hoth base diorama includes teeny tiny minifig footprints

Mark Borlase‘s most recent revision to his colossal 5’X10’ Hoth base diorama is a marvel to behold. The entire display consists of 55,000 to 60,000 pieces and has cool features such as 50 real lights and a remote controlled mechanism that deploys troops from the AT-ATs.

The entire creation took over 4 years in the making and consumed about $3000 (that’s a lot of white bricks!). This creation won the recent Star Wars building challenge and was featured in the official LEGO Magazine. Looks like hard work paid off, congratulations Mark!

Rong Yiren goes for mobile surgery

Rong Yiren has been taking a break from his signature Primal Bots. Instead he has embarked on a foray into the realm of medical bots. This one can work you over on the run…

Great Jumping Star Fighters!

Kevin Fedde posted a pretty nifty little jump fighter. I love those side mounted canopies…

Tequila Sunrise by Sava

Anthony Sava recently upgraded his Dreyfuss Hudson locomotive. That’s a pretty sweet looking train!

The gunship Cerberus by Paul Meissner

This great gunship by Paul “legosamurai” Meissner has a definite Matrix vibe to it, but it’s also very original. Paul’s Cerberus is built in a smaller scale than some of the larger hoverships inspired by the movie trilogy, and the large gun pods on either side of the cockpit make the name particularly appropriate.