UNSC AV-14 Hornet VTOL by Chuck Citrin

Chuck Citrin isn’t afraid to build LEGO creations inspired by Halo, mainly because he does it so well. Here’s his cargo and maintenance variant of the AV-14 Hornet:

Regardless of the inspiration, I’m always amazed by Chuck’s ability to fit minifigs inside his tiny little vehicles.

3 comments on “UNSC AV-14 Hornet VTOL by Chuck Citrin

  1. Curtis

    I don’t understand what is so taboo about Halo. Sure it’s an over hyped game, but it’s still wicked fun with a lot of cool vehicles to build out of Lego. It’s not like the internet isn’t crawling with terribly built Castle, Pirate, Space, Steam Punk, Bionicle, Mecha, Town, etc…

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