Upcoming sci-fi items from BrickArms

BrickArms will soon release some recognizable and highly-anticipated custom sci-fi weapons for your minifigs. These include the plasma sword, energy pistol, photon pistol, and the needle gun.

These items will be mass produced in a variety of colors, including transparent colors. The exact release date has not been determined, but according to BrickArms spokesperson Badger, “fans of BrickArms can expect these accessories to join the BrickArms family sooner than later!”

As usual, you can expect the highest quality custom accessories from BrickArms and 100% compatibility with LEGO products. The energy pistol and needle gun prototypes have different colored sections for added detail, while the full-production versions will be available in single colors.

Visit the BrickArms Forums to discuss these and other accessories and see what else is coming in 2009!

14 comments on “Upcoming sci-fi items from BrickArms

  1. Joedward

    These all look absolutely amazing. Major kudos to Will and the team.

    “mass produced in a variety of colors”. A WOO HOO.
    “join the BrickArms family sooner than later!” Just Sweet.

    I <3 BA

  2. bluemoose

    Not really interested in the HALO-inspired weapons, but the ‘assault phaser’ looks lovely. I *shall* be ordering some of those :-)


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  4. Wyatt

    sounds all too familiar…..lol. my question is what if Bungie saw these and knew that they were halo items, would these guns be protected because they are named differently?

  5. the enigma that is badger

    “my question is what if Bungie saw these”

    These are original designs of Will Chapman that are marketed under their own unique name, and as such, they do no infringe on the intellectual property of any other individual or organization. This applies to all BrickArms products.

  6. Dean H.

    Mr. White not being intended to represent a terrorist I can sort of believe. But Plasma Sword, Energy Pistol and Needle Gun aren’t Energy Sword, Plasma Pistol and Needler? COME ON. Even more, they’re Will’s original design? I can’t help but think that claim could get you in more legal trouble than just admitting they’re heavily inspired by the weapons from Halo.

  7. Sander Car

    Everything is inspired by something else, in some way or another. I like these, and I can already see a place for them in a number of my MOCs.

    And everyone stop worrying about the legality of things. It is really none of our business, is it?

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