5×10-foot Hoth base diorama includes teeny tiny minifig footprints

Mark Borlase‘s most recent revision to his colossal 5’X10’ Hoth base diorama is a marvel to behold. The entire display consists of 55,000 to 60,000 pieces and has cool features such as 50 real lights and a remote controlled mechanism that deploys troops from the AT-ATs.

The entire creation took over 4 years in the making and consumed about $3000 (that’s a lot of white bricks!). This creation won the recent Star Wars building challenge and was featured in the official LEGO Magazine. Looks like hard work paid off, congratulations Mark!

25 comments on “5×10-foot Hoth base diorama includes teeny tiny minifig footprints

  1. dre

    That $#!t is so ill! I would kill to have the bricks and the time to do something like that! I reckon I would also need to kill to have the talent…

  2. Dave Shaddix

    Yeah – My son and I entered that challenge too, we took one of the first prizes, but not the grand prize. How do you compete with that? Its very nice work by the way. I hope you’re enjoying your xbox 360, you guys earned it!

  3. Xiazeran

    Whatever compliment I can muster could never do justice to a creation of this magnitude! That’s kind of overkill for an X-box 360, if that was the original intent.

  4. Brickplumber

    My son and I gave the 360 to a friend of his, who’s family could not afford one. My son already had one. The scene was complete enought to enter, but only 70% of what it is now and my son kept urging me to enter. I was supprised to win, mainly because I thought they would only give it to a kid. It was an honor to win, ecspecially from Lego.

  5. ken

    Wow, that is totally impressive, the level of detail is really amazing, it must have been pain staking to get all that done, seriously Mark you really shouldn’t be so humble, that is jaw dropping.

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  10. Alex

    This is absolutely amazing!!! I only hope that when my son is older (he’s 19 months) we can do something together that is this grand.

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