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Black Fantasy wrap up

The Black Fantasy contest has just ended, and there are has been a myriad of entries, including a score of stunningly horrific creatures. The following highlights some of the amazing entries submitted towards the end of the contest.

The Final Horror, by Dene Quest.

Kermit the Destroyer, by Megan Rothrock.

Howl of Lamentations Unending, by Justin Vaughn.

Cyclopean Spawn of Stars, by Mark Stafford.

The Demon of Madness, by Justin Stebbins.

Infinite Sadness, by Chris Edwards.

Now hold it raht thar, you yeller-bellied, egg-suckin’ scallywag!

Harrison‘s best work yet is an excellent saloon scene from the days of the wild west. The expression on the scallywag’s face is well worth a visit to the photoset on Flickr.

In addition to great minifig posing, Harrison makes excellent use of minifig legs as architectural details.

A Tale of Two Kings That Croaked, by Remyth

Building well runs in the Wunz family. Like his brother Chris, Thomas Wunz mainly builds castle creations, and it’s always a pleasure to spend time looking through all the details in Thomas’s medieval farms, mines, monasteries, and so on.

Thomas’s latest vignettes (entries for the Storytelling Contest) don’t disappoint those looking for interesting details.

Be sure to check out the full photoset on Flickr so you can find out for yourself why the title of these vigs is so clever.

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Okay, I think this is mildly noteworthy, since it means the Imperial Star Destroyer™ is going away forever soon, but it also gives me an excuse to remind our loyal readers that running isn’t free, and your help is always very much appreciated. ;-)

If that’s not your thing, how about some of the following lovely products?

Mainman’s visions of post-apocalypse

Justin Vaughn (aka Mainman) has his unique visions of post-apoc. These works arouse feelings of solitude and man’s battle within and against nature. The snow and desert settings further limit the presence of life and suggests bleak worlds. Check out his most recent works:

Empty Swingset. Only the wind pushes the swings anymore.

Autumn Solitude on the Mountainside. In a world that has moved on, a lone survivor returns home after an unsuccessful hunt.

Dry Nile. The Nile has all but dried up, and resources are at a premium. Those humans remaining do whatever they must to survive.

Howl of Lamentations Unending