A Tale of Two Kings That Croaked, by Remyth

Building well runs in the Wunz family. Like his brother Chris, Thomas Wunz mainly builds castle creations, and it’s always a pleasure to spend time looking through all the details in Thomas’s medieval farms, mines, monasteries, and so on.

Thomas’s latest vignettes (entries for the Classic-Castle.com Storytelling Contest) don’t disappoint those looking for interesting details.

Be sure to check out the full photoset on Flickr so you can find out for yourself why the title of these vigs is so clever.

5 comments on “A Tale of Two Kings That Croaked, by Remyth

  1. Surfininsf

    Building talent is definitely a fraternal trait. Look at Arvo, the Wunzes, bigfatslob’s family, the Yrizarries… there are many of them.

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