Mainman’s visions of post-apocalypse

Justin Vaughn (aka Mainman) has his unique visions of post-apoc. These works arouse feelings of solitude and man’s battle within and against nature. The snow and desert settings further limit the presence of life and suggests bleak worlds. Check out his most recent works:

Empty Swingset. Only the wind pushes the swings anymore.

Autumn Solitude on the Mountainside. In a world that has moved on, a lone survivor returns home after an unsuccessful hunt.

Dry Nile. The Nile has all but dried up, and resources are at a premium. Those humans remaining do whatever they must to survive.

Howl of Lamentations Unending

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  1. wusmand

    I’m not sure if this is what it is but awsome detail on the tred marks from the motorcycle on the ciff!

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