Buy LEGO: 10030 Imperial Star Destroyer on clearance at LEGO Shop

Okay, I think this is mildly noteworthy, since it means the Imperial Star Destroyer™ is going away forever soon, but it also gives me an excuse to remind our loyal readers that running isn’t free, and your help is always very much appreciated. ;-)

If that’s not your thing, how about some of the following lovely products?

10 comments on “Buy LEGO: 10030 Imperial Star Destroyer on clearance at LEGO Shop

  1. David

    $200 is not clearance. :p

    Those Castle battle packs are so hugely overpriced it makes the new Factory space set prices look like a good deal. ;)

    And the low last night was 5F, I’ll need more than a box. :D

  2. Rocko

    Andrew, I’m already living in the UCS Falcon box. My bed is the Sail Barge box and I’m using the sail from the viking ship as a blanket. It’s been cold but I manage to keep a fire going by burning those things the rubber bands come on and sticker sheets. :P

  3. David

    They definitely be bley/blay now. Didn’t one or both of them come out after the color change?

    And I never noticed how much I hate new dark grey until last night when I was modding last year’s Fire Station set and didn’t have enough new grey. Light new grey I don’t mind.

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  5. zan

    nah, they are just phasing out the 9V trains, they will be replaced with their new RC trains

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