Monthly Archives: October 2007

First look at new BrickArms weapons [News]

Those of us who attended BrickCon 2007 last weekend learned that Will Chapman of BrickArms is working on some new weapons. Will generously gave me some early prototypes to show off to everyone out there interested in custom accessories for their minifigs.

The first two weapons should be familiar to fans of a certain trilogy of popular video games:

Will is also working on some real-world weapons, including the M1 Garand rifle:

In a session on Sunday morning, Will also described his development process, including how he uses test molds to create small batches of prototypes before committing to a final design. I thought the test molds were really cool, so he lent me an early version he used to design the M1 Garand:

Will asked me to remind everyone that he’s just experimenting at this point, and he can’t guarantee that any of these will make it into production. I personally think these are very cool, and can’t wait to see the final versions.

Photo review of 7036 Dwarves’ Mine on

The newest Castle set, 7036 Dwarves’ Mineicon, is starting to show up in stores and online. For those of us cursed to live near the end of The LEGO Company’s supply chain, we have the photo review to make us jealous of the rest of you.

Of particular note is the fact that the two new beard pieces are wrap-arounds with ponytails on the back!

I’m going to be gravely disappointed if I don’t get this for my birthday next week…