5 comments on “News: First high-res box art from 2008 LEGO Indiana Jones sets

  1. Philip of Locksley

    Oooh, they changed Connery’s face! Still too small for a final judgement, but it looks more Henry Jones Sr.-ish to me. And yay for not giving the nazi a smiling face. On the other hand, Lego is obviously not planning on bringing genuine nazi’s into their toyline. Understandable, but I personally would’ve prefered green costumes. Oh well, there are always Imperial officers from Star Wars sets who can be (ab)used to that end.

    Generally looking good, though! Thank you Lego, for giving us Indiana Jones!

  2. David

    What picture are you looking at Locksley because that fake Nazi is smiling.

    I really hope those new boxes open up, that be great and they look like they do to me.

  3. Ian

    New boxes??
    idk why
    i just love having lots of containers for my minifigs to put small stuff in
    like hats and binoculars and such

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