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The Empire of LEGO Town: 10184 Town Plan [News]

Cafe Corner. Market Street. Cement Mixer. Recycle Truck. No longer is the Town theme reserved for endlessly repeated police stations, firehouses and construction vehicles. 2007 has been a truly awesome year for LEGO Town, and it only gets better. Feast your eyes on this set that can only be as a masterpiece:

10184 Town Plan

Check out the Classic-Castle thread for more discussion and pictures.

EDIT: More, high-quality pictures are now available on, including pictures of the interior (some pictured below).

For anyone who didn’t know, the man pictured is Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, grandson of Ole Kirk Christiansen, the inventor of LEGO. 10184 Town Plan is a remake of 248 Town Plan Board. The boy seen in the original set is, in fact, Kjeld.


As I’ve said before (I’m sure I say this every twelve months or so), I love that time of the year when new sets are starting to show up in stores and people are beginning to use the new pieces in interesting ways. Agent oo7 has used one of the new beards in 7036 Dwarfs Mining to create an absolutely perfect Edward “Blackbeard” Teach. The old-style capes oo7 used for Blackbeard’s coat are a nice touch.

Legoland Spacelines 979 by Bram Lambrecht

I saw this at BrickCon and have been itching to blog it ever since — just waiting for creator Bram Lambrecht to “officially” post it:

According to Bram, he used LSculpt to design some of the “studs-out” parts of the nose. And one thing I didn’t learn at BrickCon: The landing gear is retractable. Sweet!

News: BrickJournal Issue 9 out now, and in print next February

Editor Joe Meno has announced that the latest issue of BrickJournal (issue 9) is now available for download.

Joe says that this will be the last free issue, and that the journal will be available in printed form starting next February. Read more about this change in his announcement on LUGNET, where you’ll find the link to the download site.