News: BrickJournal Issue 9 out now, and in print next February

Editor Joe Meno has announced that the latest issue of BrickJournal (issue 9) is now available for download.

Joe says that this will be the last free issue, and that the journal will be available in printed form starting next February. Read more about this change in his announcement on LUGNET, where you’ll find the link to the download site.

5 comments on “News: BrickJournal Issue 9 out now, and in print next February

  1. Lupinicon

    Nice, it was a nightmare to print myself :)
    Not so nice, it has a price tag (but that’s expected) ;)

  2. Kevoh

    When I was confronted with all the personal information I had to give up just to get the free issue, I pressed [x]

    Looks like Issue 8 will be my last.

    Maybe once they fix the image quality, and edit the text better, I’ll reconsider giving some random site (twomorrows??) my passport, birth certificate, and proof of insurance.

  3. David

    I think this will backfire in their face. Who wants to spend $11 on a printed one?

    And the personal info… sheesh… Oh well. If there is something important in it someone will scan it for the rest of us.

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