Cafe got caterpillar

Is your Cafe Corner a bit too laid back? Too staid? Too colorful? Then mechanize that bad boy!!! Izzo did.

Oh, and in his somewhat more normal version, the sidewalks move and it’s always raining:

15 comments on “Cafe got caterpillar

  1. Philip of Locksley

    CafĂ© Blade Runner? Awesome! It’s a great scene too, with Harrison Ford and Rutger Hauer on the roof. The police ‘car’ on the other side looks just like the real thing. Very well done indeed!

  2. Keith G

    Izzo is out of his mind, as usual. What a great MOC. Thanks guys, this is one of those MOCS I never would have seen w/out your product and or service.

  3. wintermute

    I now demand more versions of Cafe Corner.
    Here are some ideas for those of you with appropriate parts/time/motivation: Transforming CafeCorner (complete with that sweet eighties transforming sound), Moonbase Cafe Corner (I’m suprised this hasn’t been done yet), Castle Cafe Corner (or this), Piratical Corner? Star Wars Cafe Corner? XXX Corner? (Come on Keith, this one’s got your name all over it . . .)

  4. VidGamer123

    “Izzo! There’s a Starbucks moving in down the street!”

    “We’ll see about that… ACTIVATE THE CAFE!”

    Too cool for school. :)

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