Steven Marshall is a guitar god!

Steven Marshall isn’t just a guitar god, he’s also becoming quite the LEGO artist. The only studs visible on this acoustic bass are on the bridge (where the strings meet the body).

Via Klocki.

5 comments on “Steven Marshall is a guitar god!

  1. Preda

    There are 4 :P
    But this is just awesome,no matter how many studs there are^^
    It’s funny,everything that I spot on brickshelf that looks great is posted here a few days later^^
    Should use the contact-thingie a few times more^^
    Would be nice if there also was a electric guitar,but maybe we’ll see one in a few weeks^^

  2. Dunechaser Post author

    Sigh… I’m just all-around-wrong on this one, aren’t I? :-D

    I didn’t notice the studs on the bridge (they integrate so well), but to be fair, “Steven Marshall is an acoustic base god!” just doesn’t have the same ring, does it? ;-)

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