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BrickWorld 2007

BrickWorld 2007 is being held in Chicago this weekend (well, June 21-24). Photos are starting to show up on the ‘net, including the dedicated Flickr group and a large photoset from attendee Captain Redstorm.

As always at events, there are more pictures than we could possibly show here. Here’s a semi-random shot of a mecha:

The world-famous Mos Eisley diorama is at BrickWorld:

I’ll update this post with links to more coverage as I run across it.

First update: Mark Larson has a Brickshelf gallery full of photos from BrickWorld, including the latest products from BrickForge:

Second update: David Pagano has day-by-day coverage. Day 1 Day 2

Third update: Joe Meno is also attending BrickWorld. Thursday (part 1) Thursday (part 2) Friday (part 1) Friday (part 2) Saturday

Indy Fig

Brickshelf user Tilius has posted an CGI image of the new Indiana Jones minifigure.

New whip, new hat, possibly even some sort of new bag/pouch? Plus, of course, new head, torso and leg designs? I like. A lot.

EDIT (AB): seems to have been the first to post this picture, and the MTV Movies Blog posted a higher-resolution version the next day. Oh, and don’t miss the rather hilarious discussion of this photo on Flickr.

EDIT 2 (AB): Tilius seems to have moved or deleted the image, so I’m replacing it with the high-res version from the MTV Movies Blog.

Interview with the Arvo brothers on Masoko Tanga

Tom over at Masoko Tanga has a great interview with Ramón and Amador, better known as the dynamic Arvo duo.

All our MOCS are done by both, we take the initiative from a suggestion, an idea or a recollection so that we both contribute ideas…. In the Ford GT each one constructed a different part, but always together in permanent communication. This is the most important aspect; communication.

Head on over to Masoko Tanga for more.