LEGO Universe Trailer over at Kotaku

Our friends over at Kotaku have an exclusive first look at a LEGO Universe trailer. Head on over and check it out!

(I’ll embed a copy here when I find one.)

7 comments on “LEGO Universe Trailer over at Kotaku

  1. Craig

    I like the Ewok talk. I think it fits the LEGO people perfectly. It’s cute. I am looking forward to this a lot.

  2. smcginnis


    The workshop pop-up computer reminds me of Minority Report (which I saw for the first time a few days ago… it’s good).


  3. RichardAM

    I like the voices- it’s pretty similar to how Maxis handled the voices in The Sims but it seems apt. As a Lego fan it seems awesome, but as a gamer, naturally, I have some concerns over the gameplay/camera/appeal etc.

  4. Lego Shark

    I think so too, Dave. I mean, I’ll play it and all, but it seemed like a game with levels and what not. I want an Online game, such as club penuin, (well… not like club penguin) but in that sense. not like a thing where you need to complete certain tasks. i want buddy lists, mini games, currency, uprades, ect, ect.

  5. John k

    looks kinda fun. if you can actualy buy the creatios from the workshop it’ll be cool. i just hope they dont charge mothly to play.

    p.s. Lord of the lego, they sound like jawas, not ewoks :p

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