Indy Fig

Brickshelf user Tilius has posted an CGI image of the new Indiana Jones minifigure.

New whip, new hat, possibly even some sort of new bag/pouch? Plus, of course, new head, torso and leg designs? I like. A lot.

EDIT (AB): seems to have been the first to post this picture, and the MTV Movies Blog posted a higher-resolution version the next day. Oh, and don’t miss the rather hilarious discussion of this photo on Flickr.

EDIT 2 (AB): Tilius seems to have moved or deleted the image, so I’m replacing it with the high-res version from the MTV Movies Blog.

2 comments on “Indy Fig

  1. Ty

    AHHHH!!!! WHERE?! HOW?! Where did he get this?! It’s awsome! I hope the bag is a new piece, and the torso is going to be awsome! A new fedora!!! GAH! I can’t WAIT!!!

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