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News: Early Picture of 7036 Dwarves’ Mine

Standard disclaimer: LEGO hasn’t confirmed that this is “real,” and this could be an early prototype (bear in mind how different the Viking sets were between prototype pictures and their final production versions).

From what I can see, this set has a lot of new parts:

  • A troll
  • New swords
  • Mining carts
  • Bronze or gold axe blades
  • Red or orange beards
  • Black or brown beards
  • Winged helmets

And since I looked it up:

The plural form dwarfs has been traced to the 17th century. The alternate plural dwarves has been recorded in the early 18th century, but was not generally accepted until used by Philologist J.R.R. Tolkien in his fantasy novel The Hobbit. Neither is the historical plural: dwarf was pluralized dwarrow in Anglo-Saxon.

EDIT: And the Exo-Force set — “7721 Bad Guy Vehicle”:

UPDATE: 7036 Dwarves’ Mineicon was released in October 2007, and returned to the LEGO Shop in June 2008:


Contests happening all over the place!

Given the potential for loot, I thought I’d pass on a couple of contests going on right now.

Klocki and are hosting a sports-themed contest. Head on over to Klocki to read the details and see examples, but here’s some inspiration:

(News via VignetteBricks; “Red Card” by Nelson Yrizarry, currently going through brick-withdrawal. We feel your pain.)

Also via VignetteBricks, LEGO Europe just concluded a raffle for the gold-chrome C-3PO minifig otherwise only available randomly in sets here in the United States. The contest deadline was June 25, but you can see all of the entries on In my personal favorite, a rather enhanced R2-D2 steals the scene — as usual:

The final due date for the Moon Rover Contest is this Saturday, June 30th. You can see a list of all the great entries so far in this thread. Many of the entries feature wonderfully inventive wheels:

I know there are more contests out there, so leave a comment if I’ve missed something.

Vote for The Brothers Brick in the Blogger’s Choice Awards!

A reader in Brazil has been kind enough to nominate The Brothers Brick for a Blogger’s Choice Award in the “Best Photography Blog” category!

My site was nominated for Best Photography Blog!

We don’t know if it’s a “real” award, and perhaps “Best Hobby Blog” or “Best Geek Blog” might have been better categories, but hey, we’ll take it!

If you like what we do, please vote for us. If you love what we do, maybe you might even go so far as to nominate us in a couple more categories (hints provided above) and then vote for us in all of them! :-D

I’m off to nominate or vote for all my own favorites…