News: Photo of LEGO Indiana Jones Minifig

I suspect this will put to rest any debate that the rendered images we’ve seen of Indy so far weren’t “real”:

LEGO Indiana Jones (photo)

Source, via Klocki.

15 comments on “News: Photo of LEGO Indiana Jones Minifig

  1. Ty

    Wow! A good looking fleshy!!! I love the bendy whip and the pouch/pack…. MAN!!!

    PS: FEDORAAAA!!!!!!

  2. Ty

    SOOORRRRYYYYY, you did it twice and the “N” is nowhere near the “L”! How should I know!

  3. Fred

    follow his 5 o’clock shadow straight up over the brim.. there is a dark spot there.. hole?

  4. Indiana

    David you’re are “BENT” & it’s quite common to wear one belt to hold up your trousers and another to holster a weapon. In fact if you look closley in the movie this is exactly what I do.

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