Mini Millenium Falcon by Ototoko

Ototoko, a new Brickshelf user, has figured out the absolutely perfect scale — the right balance between detail and hand-held swooshability — for a mini/microscale Millenium Falcon. Thanks for the tip, reader Frank!

8 comments on “Mini Millenium Falcon by Ototoko

  1. Lego Shark

    Beats the heck out of the new scle model for $500. My lord. $500 for a lego set? do u think that 100 lego peices is worth 100 bucks?

  2. RangerTam

    The set is $500 for 5000 pieces , not 500. Dork. That’s the going rate of charging about $10 for 100 pieces, some (greebles) worth less and some worth more. It all evens out.

  3. Dunechaser Post author

    I don’t know that calling someone a dork for lack of math (or typing) skills is especially necessary. Thanks for the comment (and correction), RangerTam, but I hope your subsequent comments here don’t involve any name-calling.

  4. douchemaster

    Where can I get instructions for this? Are there any? LEGO should pick this one up and make it available. I would totally pay for it.

  5. crazymadbadness

    Man do you have a manual for this? I’ve been trying to build
    that ship for about a year now, I just can’t nail it.

    It’s my favorite thing to try and build though I don’t know why.
    If you can send me anything man, A manual or a list of the parts I need to try and make it, I can’t really afford to buy 4504 or 10179
    Somebody please reply.

    email: E-mail address removed by admin


  6. Andrew Post author


    1. Look at the picture and figure out how it’s made.
    2. Find the right pieces in your collection.
    2. Put them together.

    Sorry commenters, we neither have instructions for the LEGO creations posted here on The Brothers brick, nor can we reverse-engineer things and send you instructions.

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