News: LEGO Castle Chess Set

The rumored LEGO Castle Chess Set (852001) is already available in the LEGO Store online:

EDIT: And the artwork on the front is by Mike Rayhawk. Nice work, Mike!

6 comments on “News: LEGO Castle Chess Set

  1. David

    The Viking set is onsale too in the USA for @5. I would buy it but I’m not a Castle guy and I don’t know how to play chess very well.

  2. RichardAM

    Excellent- with the inclusion of the princess and necromancer it now means that buying the sets imo is irrelevant. Great army builder too- the proper colours means it’s more a crucial purchase than the past Castle Chess set.

  3. Mike

    In lieu of more in-depth and reasoned commentary, I’d like to post my inital response as WHOA!!!!!!! OMG SWEET

  4. smcginnis

    Me wants….

    Saw this already on CC. I hate the black skellies (and new skellies in general), but I can always trade or sell ’em away.


  5. Mike

    Really? Man, for me it’s all about those black skeletons, I can’t wait to get piles of them. I’m thrilled that they’re finally bringing back some respectable castle figs in the Crown faction, but I’ve already got bins and bins of castle guys from twenty years ago so I’m not hurting in that area.

    I didn’t do all the artwork on the front – just the two characters. I wasn’t sure what Lego would use them for; it’s a little exciting because this is the first time I’ve seen them on an actual product. I’m curious to get a closer look at the box; I can’t tell, but it looks like the colors got changed around some.

  6. Shortbusboy

    i recently got the vikings chess set and was a little disapointed because all the peices are stuck together with glue. The weapons and stuff come off, but the horns on all the helmets are stuck on for some reason.

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