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Towns in the world of LEGO have everything cities in the real world do — police stations, fire engines, trains, hairdressers and veterinarians. Check out all the beautiful buildings and vehicles we’ve featured here on The Brothers Brick.

It’s a Dutch world after all

The People of Laaf is an exhibit in the Netherlands amusement park Efteling, which is older than Disneyland. It’s a fairytale land of animatronic puppets who have their own language and architectural style, and the whole thing is accessible by a small monorail. Koen‘s giant representation of the park captures the unique turrets and rooflines of the park quite nicely. But what I love about this model are the cobblestone paths and the towering trees. Make sure to click through the photostream for a full tour, including some side-by-side comparisons to the real park.

The People of Laaf

Polk Library of UW Oshkosh in LEGO microscale

Microscale master Paul Wellington recreated the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh’s campus library at the University’s request. Paul used approximately 4800 individual LEGO pieces to achieve a convincing scale replica of the building and surrounding greenery. Some of the excellent microscale techniques on display here include vertical tiles set into the base as columns, and the trees (a similar style to those seen in Rocco Buttliere’s Palace of Westminster).

Polk Library

See more of Paul’s microscale work on his Flickr page.

Cuda Dragster is a slick LEGO car

ER0L has brought us some fantastic vehicles in the past, like a police tumbler and the famous submarine Lotus from The Spy Who Loved Me, but today’s model may be my favourite. It’s a dragster version of the classic Plymouth Barracuda. Althought the real car is known for its curves, this models seems to pull them off with long tiles. It truly is majestic.

Cuda Dragster

Little LEGO flower cart is overflowing with nice touches

de-marco has built a cute little flower cart which wouldn’t look out of place in an official Town set…
flower cart
There’s good use of different varieties of LEGO flower stems and petals here, and the baskets and hanging buckets are nice touches. But it’s the canopy and the handles/stand which are the best bits for me – nice and simple techniques which do a great job in the minimum amount of space. Just goes to show a model doesn’t have to be large to showcase quality building.

Kid’s room lovingly recreated in LEGO

Kelvin Low takes a break from his usual fun mecha models to bring us a beautiful rendition of a kid’s playroom.


The recreation of the painted wall is obviously charming, but I love the sense of clutter and the feeling that this room is genuinely lived-in. Too often LEGO scenes like this can be a bit stark, lacking life, and looking like showhouse photos. This room feels “real” and I can just imagine kids having a great time playing in it.

To protect and serve Gotham City

ER0L presents an awesome spin on Batman’s Tumbler, changing the black (and sometimes very dark gray) color scheme to something more fitting of Gotham’s police. The red and blue lights and the white paneling in the center work impressively well with the Tumbler. Ignoring the great police stylizing for a bit, the base Tumbler model is one of the most detailed in this scale I’ve seen built with LEGO pieces, and even opens to fit two police minifigures side by side in the cab.

Police Tumbler 2.0

Police Tumbler 2.0

Modular boats: The new word in shipbuilding

When building vessels with LEGO, you either go big or stick to regular boat hull parts. But this time FiliusRucilo presents something brand new — a modular ship.

The beauty and the scrap

Behind this simple exterior hides a three-part structure plus a detachable deckhouse. This concept, introduced in modular buildings, provides huge opportunities for customization of each part. In the description, the builder suggests removing the middle part to fit the ship into small dioramas. In the same way the ship can be extended to become a long barge.

Modular buildup

LEGO Vianen City Hall is steeped in history

The City Hall of Vianen sits within the small historical city of Vianen in the province Utrecht in the Netherlands. Sebastian Arts has managed to capture so many details of this beautiful old building that we simply had to share it. The ancient stonework is very well done and the whole design is accurate to the actual building in Vianen, right down to the position of the bench.

Vianen City Hall

The turret at the rear of the hall is equally impressive, the builder’s use of different bricks and earthy tones has really brought the old stonework to life in LEGO. The windows are cleverly crafted from fences rotated 90°. The rear view also show a nice contrast between the old and new buildings side by side.

Vianen City Hall

Do you need worms?

Whenever I want to see a LEGO creation about sailing, I take a look at Arjan Oude Kotte’s photostream. Once again he has not failed me with his latest addition to his portfolio, a charming bait shop. The asymmetric structure of the shack is full of amazing details and greebles. A perfect number of items and minifigures are scattered around making it a very lively scene!

Harpers Baitshop

The scenery is very warm thanks to the choice of colors both for the model and the background. It makes me want to take a stroll on the pier and spend a couple of hours listening to the sound of waves and watching people go by. Unfortunately, I live in a landlocked city and all I can do for now is to take a look at his Flickr album.

Harpers Baitshop

Cleveland’s Harkness Chapel recreated in LEGO

Ohio builder Zachary Lewis is known for creating incredibly detailed and accurate LEGO models of real-life buildings, such as the suburban house we highlighted last fall. His most recent build, the interior of Cleveland’s Florence Harkness Memorial Chapel, is a prime example. Zachary has perfectly captured this historic landmark’s neo-Gothic interior. I can’t get over the beautiful wood paneling surrounding the stage. And of course, everything from the wooden rafters down to the carpet on the floor is spot on. Don’t believe me? Check out photos of the actual building on Flickr and see for yourself.


I love livin’ in the city

I’ve got nothing against the classic brick and brownstone facades of yesteryear. But I am a sucker for the hyper-modern apartment buildings that are springing up in urban areas all across America. This model by lisqr hits all the right notes: assymetrical design, complex vertical plane, and surprising color choices. Each minifig-scale balcony is individually detailed, firmly linking the form to a human cityscape. Plus, cats. Just one question: how much is the rent?

Modern Apartment

Giant LEGO City set to launch Space Shuttle in 3, 2, 1

South Korean professional building team Olive Seon specialize in creating huge layouts for retail stores to showcase official LEGO sets (like this epic UCS-scale Star Wars trench run or a true minifig-scale Stay Puft marshmallow man terrorizing the city). Though the official sets are the focus, the team are masters at integrating them into beautiful custom backdrops, and I never tire of seeing the official sets nestled into dioramas like the LEGO catalogs from the 80s and 90s. Olive Seon’s latest diorama is worth it just for the epic shuttle launch they’ve portrayed. Never has the 60080 Spaceport shuttle looked so good.

Giant LEGO City

Giant LEGO City Shuttle Launch