All aboard at Dunedin Railway Station

During my two trips to New Zealand for work, I never left the North Island, and the beautiful cities and countryside of the South Island have eluded me, so I’m always grateful when I get to travel somewhere new via LEGO bricks. Peter Dennison lives in the lovely city of Dunedin, and has spent the past 5 years building a huge diorama featuring the historic railway station on Anzac Square.

The railway station’s incredibly ornate early 20th-century design — for which architect George Troup earned the nickname “Gingerbread George” — is accurately rendered in LEGO by Pieter, with repetition of white details providing a gloriously fancy texture.

Close up 2

Pieter doesn’t leave out the gardens on Anzac Square, full of square topiaries and colorful flower beds.

Close up 3

The back of the station is also completely detailed, with a covered platform and inset windows overlooking the rail line, with train services that once carried passengers all over the island.

Back of Station

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  1. Cade Franklin

    Had the honour of seeing this build in person in Dunedin last year! Awesome build by an awesome builder! (also it was destroyed in transit and they had to rebuild a good portion of it the night before the event!)

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