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LEGO Star Wars is one of the most popular LEGO themes of all time. Far beyond X-wings and TIE fighters, there’s a whole expanded universe of inspiration, and an army of LEGO fans ready to build whatever comes out of George Lucas’s head next.

In a galaxy far, far away ...or just really, really small?

Another Star Wars day retrospective for Lucas-fans… Over the years we’ve seen many great Star Wars themed fan LEGO creations of all shapes, sizes and styles. They run the gamut from vast minifigure based dioramas, to brick-built characters, and of course many fine ships and vehicles. But my personal favorites are probably these microscale dioramas by Rob Gillies (2 Much Caffeine).


I’m not an elephant!

On this May 4th, let’s not forget some of the often overlooked but nevertheless very important characters from the Star Wars universe. I speak of course of Jabba’s keyboard player and occasional restauranteur Max Rebo. So I present to you my Star Wars Day Definitive Guide to every known LEGO version of everyone’s favorite azure non-elephant:


IMAGE CREDITS (in order): Millie McKenzie (Leda Kat); Larry Lars; our very own Tim Gould (Gambort); Flickr member SIMAFOL; Flickr member kae_ae; and Eric Druon (baronsat).

Star Wars Day deals this weekend at LEGO Shop At Home [News]

Once again LEGO® Shop will be celebrating the unofficial Star Wars™ holiday of May the 4th with a number of exclusive promotions over the 3 day span of May 3rd thru 5th. In addition to these great offers, May 3rd marks the launch of the brand new set, 75059 – Sandcrawler™.

All offers valid May 3-5th only. Offers apply both to the Shop At Home website and participating LEGO stores. Also check with your local LEGO store for other exciting Star Wars day events!

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3 Days Only! LEGO Star Wars Sale and Exclusive Darth Revan Promotion. Valid 5/3/14 thru 5/5/14

3 Days Only! LEGO Star Wars Sale and Exclusive Darth Revan Minifigure Promotion. Valid 5/3/14 thru 5/5/14Travel the dunes with the LEGO� Star Wars™ Ultimate Collector Series Sancrawler™

Lego Star Wars Z-95 Headhunter 75004 [Review]

Lego Star Wars Z-95 Headhunter was released in August 2013 and contains 373 pieces. It retails for $49.99 and is available on Amazon. Below is a video review and my remarks regarding the set.


  • Includes the 4-armed Pong Krell minifig
  • Features a concealed spring-loaded cannon


  • Very high price tag for a set with low part count
  • Unremarkable selection of parts

This is a typical Star Wars set that exemplifies the continued price-spike on Lego products from this licensed franchise. Like most other Star Wars sets today, this set is priced high, short on new elements, and relies on exclusive Star Wars minifigs to enhance its appeal. It’s long since 2005-2006 when Star Wars sets hovered around the $0.1 price-per-part ratio. The reason I purchased this set was because it was on sale during the holidays for half off, and even then I wasn’t excited about parting out the set because of its bland pieces. I can’t justify spending $50 on this set unless there’s a compelling need to have Lego’s version of the Headhunter.

Lego Star Wars Jabba’s Sail Barge 75020 [Review]

Lego Star Wars Jabba’s Sail Barge was released in August 2013 and contains 850 pieces. It retails for $119.99 and is available on Amazon. Below is a video review and my remarks regarding the set.


  • Overall sleek design of the sail barge makes it a great display model
  • Includes iconic and unique minifigs such as Max Reebo and Ree-Yees


  • Model is very small for the price
  • The jagged slopes on the front of the barge looks weird, may be better if plates were used instead.

LEGO’s second version of Jabba’s Sail Barge is a neat little model that carries a big price tag. It’s an iconic Star Wars vehicle well deserving of some shelf space. I wouldn’t pay the full price on this model, and luckily Amazon currently has it on sale, and 26% off is a good enough deal. The model’s interior can be fully exposed to allow easy access, but there’s not much room after accounting for Jabba’s presence. The barge rolls on inconspicuous wheels underneath and also features a concealed cannon in the front that’s a hassle to fire. Overall, I recommend this model at a price tag less than $100.

Lego Star Wars AT-TE 75019 [Review]

The Lego Star Wars AT-TE was released in August 2013 and contains 794 pieces. It retails for $89.99 and is available on Amazon. Below is a brief video review and my remarks regarding the set.


  • Has a handle to pick up the model, fits with the dropship if you have one from years ago.
  • Includes 4 unique minifigures


  • No extraordinary play features besides standard adjustable legs and cannons
  • Not significantly different from the 2008 version of the AT-TE

This is a set of a popular model from the Clone Wars, so it’s no surprise that it’s also the 3rd time LEGO produced the set. Unfortunately it does not have significant play features or include many minifigures. However, fans of the series will probably still be interested in obtaining a copy as it make for a decent display model. If you’re a builder, then this set does not have much to offer in terms of part variety besides the standard grey parts. Overall, I don’t recommend getting this set at MSRP, but Amazon currently has it for 25% off, which I think is an acceptable price to buy it at.

Lego Star Wars Corporate Alliance Tank Droid 75015 [Review]

The Lego Star Wars Corporate Alliance Tank Droid was released in August 2013 and contains 295 pieces. It retails for $19.99 and is available on Amazon. Below is a brief video review and my remarks regarding the set.

The tank droid is a decent Star Wars set. It contains 60 tread pieces, which is the best way to get them other than Bricklink. Jango Fett is the only unique minifig in this set. Unlike the previous version of LEGO’s tank droid that retails for $25, the new version costs less and includes more parts. The only drawback is the lack of printed dish part, but an unprinted piece will provide more options for building. This is a good pickup especially when it is on sale.

Spaceballs: Lord Dark Helmet

Pretty much everyone I know loves the original Star Wars Trilogy, and by extension I assume that the same should apply for the parody version: Spaceballs. Kristi (custombricks) is one of those people and has created this fantastic  version of Lord Dark Helmet:

Lord Helmet

And if you haven’t Spaceballs, it should be available both on Amazon Prime and Netflix right now… go watch now, I’ll wait.