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LEGO Star Wars is one of the most popular LEGO themes of all time. Far beyond X-wings and TIE fighters, there’s a whole expanded universe of inspiration, and an army of LEGO fans ready to build whatever comes out of George Lucas’s head next.

Imperial boarders attack the Tantive IV

CozzD has built the iconic corridor sequence from the opening of Star Wars: A New Hope. Whilst LEGO Star Wars creations often feature the exterior of the iconic spaceships, it makes a pleasant change to see other scenes depicted in the brick. The corridor of the Tantive IV blockade runner is captured perfectly, as is the sense of rising tension as the rebels prepare to repel Imperial boarders.

Tantive IV Lego - Ready for Action

The attention to detail on the wall shaping is great, as is the work around the airlock door.

Tantive IV Lego - Expecting Visitors

To cap it all, CozzD has gone to town with some special effects for the boarding sequence. Check out the Stormtroopers bursting through the door…

Tantive IV - Stormtroopers Attack!

I have you now!

The Brothers Brick have covered Star Wars builds of all shapes and sizes, but rarely one that would fit in the palm of your hand. This microscale LEGO trench scene from Star Wars: A New Hope by Grantmasters is simultaneously adorable and clever, especially the 6-brick X-wing fighter featuring a unicorn horn. The force is definitely strong with this one!

For more microscale recreations of scenes from classic Sci-Fi movies and TV shows, be sure to check out the Mi-Fi group on Flickr.

Yellow peril

Taking a little inspiration from the design of the 75101 First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter set, Rebel Builder gives us a nice LEGO rendition of a Mining Guild TIE fighter, as seen in the latest season of Star Wars Rebels. Definitely looks like a stylish ride for the more fashion conscious bad guy. Which is just as well since as baddies go, “Mining Guild” sounds about as menacing as “Trade Federation”!

This starfighter’s design is terribly good

Designing a starfighter is fairly easy. Designing an outstanding starfighter is, well… a bit harder. Finally we may have a universal recipe for that, courtesy of Cole Blaq. Take out your notepads and write down the ingredients:

– One half of a B-Wing base (choose a firm one, not wilted)
– Two X-wing engine modules (not too big)
– One slung-under TIE fighter cockpit (the juicier the better)
– If desired, one small Star Destroyer laser battery
– A pinch of creativity

Combine well, and freeze on Hoth for 60 minutes. Then serve cold. Sprinkle servings with a pinch of astro-droids.

This battle carrot be for real

Even though there are some spooky carrots in this year’s harvest, most of them fight on the light side of the force. Dvd introduces us to the terrible confrontation between the Vegetarian Republic (cute fluffy bunnies) and Carnivore Empire (even cuter puppies). Honestly, I don’t see any reason for the conflict – I can imagine both sides happily coexisting in any Friends set.

Food Wars

The meat TIE fighter is neat, but the carrot X-wing deserves special attention. The amount of vitamin A in its adorable carrot guns should be just right to feed any imperial trooper, while its sprawling stems are a brilliant engineering solution for better maneuvering ability. Don’t forget to check out the builder’s photo stream for more awesome creations and hopefully more stories about the vegetables far, far away.

Carrot X-Wing

Scaled-down Freemaker ships prove that less is more

The jury may still be out on whether the new LEGO Star Wars 75147 StarScavenger and 75145 Eclipse Fighter sets are really any good (read our full review and see what you think). Either way, fans of the new Disney show LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures will certainly get a kick out of these cleverly constructed, totally swooshable, and arguably superior “microscale” versions by UK builder Cole Blaq.

X-Wing! X-Wing! X-WING!!

Томас Чижаускас mixes Star Wars and LEGO’s Classic Space to great effect in this X-Wing-inspired build. I can just imagine the arguments between Luke Skywalker and Benny The Spaceman over who got to take this out for its maiden flight.

Galaxy Awaits

I’m sure LEGO builders have mashed these themes together before, but I don’t recall having seen it done, and certainly not with this level of impact. The combination of that signature shape and the nostalgic color scheme is ticking all the right boxes for me. There’s some smart greebling but it’s not overdone, and I’m enjoying the builder’s work on the “anti-stud” surface of the lower wing — those turntable pieces make for some cool detailing. The only thing missing for me is the Classic Space black and yellow striping — whilst there’s a hint of it in the Technic wing-opening mechanism, it might have featured as a more prominent nod to the theme’s conventions.


I’d love to fly this model around and make engine and pew-pew noises — it looks eminently swooshable. Judging by the facial expressions on the guys in the cockpit, everything is obviously awesome when it comes to piloting this wonderful spacecraft…


Teemto Pagalies’ IPG-X1131 LongTail podracer as a UCS LEGO model

One of the highlights of Star Wars: Episode I: A Phantom Menace (yes, there are indeed highlights) was the “Boonta Eve Classic” podrace, populated by some great characters aboard interesting vehicles. One of my favorite podracers is the unique racer with the circular cockpit driven by Teemto Pagalies. Cecilie Fritzvold has created a LEGO version at UCS scale, with highly detailed engines as well as the signature cockpit.

Teemto Pagalies' Podracer

Cecilie calls the cockpit a “headache” to build, but it’s certainly gorgeous to behold.

Teemto Pagalies' Podracer

Incredible UCS Fury-Class Sith Interceptor from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

The Sith Fury-Class Interceptor first appeared in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, an incredible game with brilliant story lines and fun play. Set before the fall of the Sith, the Sith menace in the Old Republic was stronger than ever. Sith armies ravaged the galaxy and a Sith battle fleet spread terror, and among the most iconic ships from that era was the Sith Interceptor, clearly the aesthetic progenitor of the Empire’s TIE fighters. Builder markus19840420 brings us this amazing UCS version, loaded with detail, and really highlights how cool a ship this is.

Don’t overlook the impressive size of Markus’ model; that cockpit is a UCS TIE Fighter windscreen, which makes this model close to three feet in length.

LEGO reveals even more Rogue One sets [News]

This morning, LEGO unveiled five additional new sets for the upcoming Rogue One movie. As always, mild spoilers possible. The sets will be available beginning Sept. 30. Check out yesterday’s set announcements to see the others!

75153 AT-ST Walker
449 pieces, £39.99 / $39.99 / 49.99€

LEGO Star Wars Rogue One 75153 AT-ST Walker

Click here to reveal more new sets!

LEGO officially announces new Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series set, 75159 Death Star

On Sunday we brought you a first look at the new Death Star set, and now LEGO has sent us the full details for 75159 Death Star, the newest in the Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series. The set is filled with iconic scenes from Star Wars that took place on the giant battle station, such as escaping the trash compactor and Luke’s duel with Darth Vader. The set will retail for $499.99 USD when it is available Sept. 30, and includes 4,016 pieces and 23 minifigures. Take a look below to read the full press release and to check out all the photos.

75159 Death Star

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New Star Wars Rogue One LEGO sets revealed [News]

While we still have a three month wait for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, the wait for new LEGO set information is drawing to a close. USA Today revealed two new sets, and Entertainment Weekly revealed the first buildable figure (Possible mild spoilers). The new sets should be available beginning September 30, 2016.

UPDATE: LEGO Star Wars Rogue One sets are now available.

75152 Imperial Assault Hovertank
385 pieces, £34.99 / $29.99 / 39.99€

LEGO Star Wars Rogue One 75152 Imperial Assault Hovertank
LEGO Star Wars Rogue One 75152 Imperial Assault Hovertank
LEGO Star Wars Rogue One 75152 Imperial Assault Hovertank

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