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Films and the cinema provide a lot of great inspiration for LEGO builders all over the world. You’ll find LEGO models inspired by everything from Mad Max to Toy Story here.

LEGO Batman Movie 70903 The Riddler Riddle Racer [Review]

Now that some of the holiday craziness is past, we’re diving back into our coverage of The LEGO Batman Movie sets, and we’re kicking off with 70903 The Riddler Riddle Racer. The 254-piece set will be available Jan. 1, and will retail for $29.99 USD. It comes with a whopping five minifigures.

70903 The Riddler Riddle Racer

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Gone but not forgotten my beautiful Princess

As we all find our ways to accept the loss of a beloved Princess, our hearts are still torn and our tears still do not dry. It is only apt at this time to listen to the wise words of Yoda and find some solace in our sadness: “Death is a natural part of life. Rejoice for those around you who transform into the Force. Mourn them do not. Miss them do not.”

Jeffrey Kong pays tribute using his talents to honour Carrie Fisher with this angelic LEGO creation. Part of Jeffrey’s inspiration was her lesser-known deeds off the screen. She was a leading advocate and activist for mental health awareness and the fight against drug addiction. We no longer see Carrie and Leia as two separate individuals, but as one.

Artisan Bricks by Jeffrey Kong - LEGO Princess Leia Miniland Figure - RIP Carrie Fisher (1956-2016)

Gone but not forgotten my beautiful Princess,
for you are now One with the Force.
Continue to inspire us and Awaken our minds,
and give us the strength to never give up Hope.

Remembering Carrie Fisher (1956-2016) [News]

Beloved actress and writer Carrie Fisher has passed away at age 60, after a recent heart attack. While she will be most fondly remembered for her role as the feisty Princess Leia Organa in the Star Wars saga, Fisher appeared in many other well-known movies including The Blues Brothers and When Harry Met Sally. She was also both an accomplished writer (often drawing upon her own over-the-top life experiences in Postcards from the Edge and more recently The Princess Diarist) and an oft-uncredited screenplay writer with involvement in movies like Hook and The Wedding Singer.

LEGO Star Wars poster

The iconic image of Fisher as Princess Leia will almost certainly be the one that stays with her fans, whether it be sporting the flowing regal gown and giant hair buns of A New Hope, or the metallic bikini “slave girl” outfit from Return of the Jedi. These images resonate with LEGO fans too, and over the years we’ve featured plenty of custom builds of the Leia character. Below are a few of them.

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Gorgeous Gargantuan GODZILLA in all its Glory

This gigantic Godzilla is a masterpiece like no other. Builder IGU gloriously captures the essence of this monster and leaves you in awe. The tail construction features a great use of tyres to give it an organic look and feeling of strength.

I can’t think of anything scarier that has been constructed in LEGO in recent times. The Stegosaurus-like plates are cleverly constructed, giving Godzilla his familiar silhouette. He stands tall and proud, and makes you wonder at just how heavy this guy really is!

LEGO MOC: Godzilla

New LEGO Batman Movie Batmobile, Batwing mini-sets revealed [Review]

We’re continuing our coverage of The LEGO Batman Movie sets with a pair of the smallest sets, 30521 The Mini Batmobile and 30524 The Mini Batwing. These sets haven’t even been officially revealed yet, but LEGO kindly sent them to us so we can bring you an early review. We don’t have any official word on their pricing yet, but we expect them to be in the $4.99 USD range. They should be available Jan. 1, 2017.

Update: LEGO is currently offering the 30524 The Mini Batwing free with purchases of $35 or more on the LEGO Shop Online through Jan. 15, 2017.

30521 The Mini Batmobile, 68 pieces

30521 The Mini Batmobile

30524 The Mini Batwing, 79 pieces

30524 The Mini Batwing

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What’s this?!

“What is this? There’s children throwing snowballs, instead of throwing heads, they’re busy building toys and absolutely no one’s dead.” Now that you’ve got one of the catchiest Christmas songs ever stuck in your head, take a look at Cesar Soares‘s amazing Nightmare Before Christmas LEGO sled, helmed by none other than Jack Skellington and his faithful ghost-dog, Zero.

Nightmare Before Christmas Sleigh

This Halloween, we featured Cesar’s incredible Nightmare Mayor-mobile and now that it’s nearly Christmas there’s no better way to celebrate than by kidnapping the Sandy Claws, taking over his job, and delivering gruesome toys to all the children of the world. Like Cesar’s prior Nightmare build, this one is incredibly accurate to the movie. In addition to Cesar’s great characters, I love the rickety-ness of the launch ramp and that each skelly-reindeer is unique.

Nightmare Before Christmas Sleigh

A decaying relic of a time long ago

One of the scenes I found most interesting in Star Wars: The Force Awakens was the sight of an Imperial star destroyer rusting into oblivion on Jakku. I imagined other relics of the fallen Empire scattered and forgotten on planets throughout the galaxy. Austrian builder sanellukovic does a fantastic job expanding this element of the story with his depiction of a derelict Imperial shuttle.

...after the empire...

The builder has taken the UCS Imperial Shuttle design and turned it into an ugly, rusting pile of junk – and I mean that in high admiration. A lot of builders (including myself) would have felt just fine breaking the shuttle apart, scattering it across a landscape scene and calling it good. This builder, however, went so much further, creating a scene so full of character I wish it had been in the movie. Note the busted windshield, rust patterns and jungle overgrowth. The ship’s layout is spot-on, particularly the crumpled wings and the way the dorsal stabilizer leans forward as if it was just barely holding together.

Detail Picture

The jungle looks wonderful too and adds a nice sense of mystery and abandonment to the creation. How exciting it would be to stumble upon this during a trek through the woods!

A refreshing return to Cloud City

With Rogue One having just been released, I’m in a Star Wars mood. While there’s been a lot of both fan builds and official LEGO sets from the movie already, Eric Druon is going in a more nostalgic direction with a charming diorama of Cloud City (Bespin) from The Empire Strikes Back.


While not a sweeping recreation of the entire city, all the important elements are here: the meeting with Vader, the carbon freezing chamber, the Cloud Car, and a few other little details.

Make sure to check out the builder’s photostream to see each segment of the build in detail. It seems to have been created in a modular fashion so each scene can be displayed on its own. Also check out Eric’s Death Star play set that we featured recently.

The LEGO Batman Movie Collectible Minifigures Feel Guide [Review]

A few days ago, we brought you our hands-on review of The LEGO Batman Movie 71017 Collectible Minifigures. These 20 unique figures are due to release Jan. 1 for $3.99 each, but a few lucky fans are already starting to find them on store shelves. Like other Collectible Minifigures, the Batman Movie minifigs are packed in sealed bags so you don’t know which characters you’re buying — unless, that is, you use your dexterous digits to determine the contents by feel.

And that’s exactly what we’ve been doing. We’ve stayed up late working our fingers numb sorting a whole case of blind packs, so our Feel Guide is based on actual experience finding and verifying figures. Not every piece is easy to determine by feel alone, and some pieces are easily confused with others, so use this guide to help you find a complete set of 20 figures, or to get extras of your favorite character.

The LEGO Batman Movie 71017 Collectible Minifigures are available now on the LEGO Shop Online.

Lego Batman Movie Collectible Minifigures Feel Guide

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Cruise the Grid with a remote control LEGO light cycle [Video]

Sariel’s LEGO Workshop takes inspiration from the visually stunning movie Tron: Legacy with his LEGO model of the film’s light cycle. The model itself looks good, enhanced with custom non-LEGO lighting, but the fact that it can drive and steer using RC is rather impressive. Watch the light cycle ride around at night and take a closer look at the functions in this video.

Sculpt a golem then freshen up in this Warcraft mana pool

Paul Trach takes inspiration from the World Of Warcraft movie for his latest LEGO creation — a scene depicting The Guardian Font. Here, Medivh, the titular Guardian, takes a break from creating a stone golem for a refreshing dip in the rejuvenating Mana Pool. Or at least that’s the story I’ve made up in my head around this fabulous model.

Warcraft - Mana Pool

The tan and sand green colors work beautifully — a pleasant change from the traditional gray and brown of much Castle and Fantasy LEGO building. And the curved wall and double staircase are obvious highlights. But that backlit pool and the floor command all the attention. Normally I’m not a fan of the loose-brick “crazy paving” flooring style, but when it’s used like this, allowing the creation of an epic circle of runes, then I’m all in favour of it.

Warcraft - Mana Pool

Exclusive LEGO Star Wars Rogue One preview, thanks to a bed sheet and a broken lamp

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story releases later this week, but Ian MacDonald has built a special preview shot in LEGO with help from a bed sheet and some extreme forced perspective in his basement. Rogue One takes place just before 1977’s A New Hope, when the Death Star was being built. Ian’s scene depicts Jyn Erso walking out of the hanger on Yavin IV, where the Rebellion is based. His scene matches a shot seen 44 seconds into the second official trailer, and 2000 bricks went into just making the huge hanger, let alone our view into the distance.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

I just had to quote Ian’s description of putting this scene together, as I’m sure many builders will recognise their own experiences in these words: So many things had to go just right to make this image. There’s 3 layers of background, a bed sheet for a sky, and a couple lamps, one of which is broken. All shot in my basement.

As you can see, the end result is fantastic, but I really enjoy seeing ‘behind the scenes’ photographs that show the work and thought that goes into this kind of cinematic LEGO shot. The forced perspective of the layers of background gives the impression of differing size and scale with huge mountains at a distance, a tall pyramid-like structure and then the expansive hanger itself. A lot of effort for one shot but the finished shot is awesome.

Behind the Scenes of Rogue One