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Remember, beauty is found within

The Beast’s rose by Anonymous Brick is not the first LEGO rose we’ve seen, and with recent release of the live-action version of Beauty and the Beast, I’m sure it won’t be the last. The flower’s petals, made from minifigure capes, are excellent and very natural looking, as is the nicely curved stalk. A great detail is the fallen petals, making the rose look unique. My only issue is with the model’s base, which may be a little too simple, but overall this is a beautiful LEGO creation.

Beast's Rose: Beauty and the Beast

Carpet come baaaaack!!!

There’s a new round of Iron Builder competition now underway and Jonas Kramm is already getting amazing builds out there. His newest contribution to the brutal battle is an interesting one. It’s instantly recognizable as an Iron Builder challenge creation, but there is so much nice piece usage that it is hard to tell that the “seed part” (the piece which the duelling builders in the Iron Builder challenge are required to use in each build) is a Duplo grass piece. It could be the lip-stick piece! Or the black ponytail hair piece! But it’s not. It’s a wretched Duplo brick.

Carpet Outta Control

With all the unique part usage in this creation, it’s easy to miss subtle details that mark the difference between a good builder and a master builder. Jonas has used perfect tiny gaps between pieces on the unfortunate carpet rider’s turban to represent the folds and edges of the cloth. Attention to detail on all levels like this is one of the reasons why Jonas got invited to the Iron Builder challenge to begin with, and deservedly so.

Are mermaids fish, mammals, or amphibians?

Not long ago YOS Lego introduced us to LEGO versions of our favourite sisters from Frozen, and we were all wondering if they had had too much of a fright or too many energy drinks with those wide eyed expressions! And now apparently Ariel the Little Mermaid seems to have consumed the same concoction. Aside from their wide eyed expressions, which do play well to capture a strange emotion, these builds of Ariel and her alternate human form are a delight for their details and proportions. The brick layering techniques used here bring out the best highlights of Ariel’s signature red hair.

Summer 2017 LEGO Disney Princess sets revealed at New York Toy Fair 2017 [News]

Continuing our coverage from New York Toy Fair, here’s a look at the new LEGO Disney Princess sets, coming this summer.

Everyone’s favourite mermaid, Princess Ariel, makes an appearance in 41145 Ariel and the Magical Spell. This cute undersea playset depicts the moment Ariel makes her ill-advised deal with Ursula the Sea Witch, gaining feet, but losing her voice in the process. The set contains 222 pieces and will retail at $29.99



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LEGO BrickHeadz Beauty and the Beast characters [Review]

Last week, we brought you reviews for the new LEGO BrickHeadz LEGO Batman Movie characters and Marvel characters. This week, we’re taking a look at the next two in the series: 41595 Belle and 41596 Beast. Like all the BrickHeadz, they retail for $9.99 USD, and they’re available now for LEGO VIP-card holders both in LEGO stores and from the LEGO Shop Online.

LEGO Disney BrickHeadz

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Pirates of the Caribbean BrickHeadz revealed, BrickHeadz available now [News]

LEGO’s new line of BrickHeadz characters are available now for LEGO VIP Program members on the LEGO Shop online. These sets will be available to the general public beginning Wednesday, March 1. LEGO’s VIP Program is free to join, and you can sign up online, so you can still order your BrickHeadz today even if you’re not already a VIP member. You can check out our reviews of The LEGO Batman Movie sets and Marvel Avengers sets if you’re not sure which one you want to buy first.

Also revealed today are two new characters from Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. Included in the instruction books and on the boxes for 41595 Belle and 41596 Beast are images for none other than Captain Jack Sparrow (41593) and a new character: Captain Armando Salazar (41594).

Click here to see the BrickHeadz for sale now!

And they call it Bella Notte

Just look at the puppy dog eyes on display in Nick Della Mora‘s LEGO rendition of the unforgettable spaghetti-eating scene from Disney’s Lady and the Tramp. Using relatively few bricks, Nick has managed to perfectly evoke this famous moment, and capture the charm and personality of the central characters. Check out the perfect recreation of Tramp’s ears! All that’s missing here is a LEGO version of Tony the Chef, serenading the canine couple with “Bella Notte”.

Happy Valentines Day!

Brick built replica of the Disney LEGO Shanghai Store

The Disney LEGO store in Shanghai opened its doors to the public in May 2016. If you can’t visit it in person, there’s no excuse for you to not enjoy the next best thing: this brick built version. Builder Qian YJ took about 3 weeks to build this and its current on display on the 2nd floor of the very same LEGO store in Disney Shanghai!

Shanghai Disney Lego Store

Shanghai Disney Lego Store

LEGO named world’s most powerful brand by Global 500 rankings [News]

LEGO has been named the world’s most powerful brand according to Brand Finance’s yearly Global 500 rankings, unseating previous title-holder, Disney. The annual rankings are based on factors such as brand familiarity, loyalty, marketing investment, staff satisfaction, and corporate reputation.

Image courtesy of Bram Van Laere

LEGO has come a long way from wooden toys to plastic bricks and the licensing empire it is known for today. According to the report, LEGO’s brand strength is based on its appeal that spans generations, evidenced in the fact that LEGO bricks from 1958 are still compatible with their modern day iterations. That nostalgia and creative freedom, combined with a decade of solid marketing, financial gains and successful licensing product lines, helped take the company from near-bankruptcy in the early 2000s to its current number-one brand ranking.
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Beauty and the Beast LEGO BrickHeadz revealed [News]

Last week we got our first look at LEGO BrickHeadz, the upcoming line of collectible brick-built characters. Today LEGO is unveiling 2 additional characters, the beloved Disney characters Belle and the Beast. This isn’t the first time Beauty and the Beast has come to LEGO, as Belle’s Enchanted Castle was released last year in the Disney Princess line.

Each BrickHeadz character will retail for $9.99 USD, and they will be available for VIP early access beginning Feb. 15, with a wide release March 1, just in time for the March 17 opening of the live-action Beauty and the Beast film. Read the full BrickHeadz press release below the jump.

With 4 BrickHeadz each from Marvel and DC, plus these two classic Disney characters, that accounts for 10 of the planned 12 characters for BrickHeadz Series 1. Let us know in the comments what you think the last 2 characters for Series 1 will be. Continue reading

Let it LEGO, let it LEGO, can’t hold it back anymore

Princesses Elsa and Anna from the 2013 animated movie Frozen have now been immortalised in LEGO by YOS Lego, with a host of ingenious parts used in bringing them to life. The builder has managed to capture those impossibly perfect hourglass figures in their flowing dresses and narrow-waisted bodices using a combination of slopes, wedges and (of course) curves. The red-headed Anna figure is fitted out in a beautifully detailed green dress, an amazing likeness to the animated Anna’s green coronation dress.

Anna & Elsa

Elsa’s signature windswept, voluminous yellow hair is very cleverly made with bananas and Hero factory masks. The cheeky little bit of leg showing at the bottom of Elsa’s dress, and the more innocent posing of her younger sister, are very fitting. The characters are fantastic, but my only slight concern is that these two princess have either been drinking too much stimulant energy drinks or perhaps Olaf has given them a fright …those eyes are certainly wide and piercing!

Top 10 LEGO news posts on TBB in 2016 [News]

As 2016 comes to an end, we wanted to take a moment and look at some of the most popular news posts this year. What theme made the most appearances on our list? Who took the number one spot? Where does 10255 Assembly Square fall on our list? Read on to find out!

LEGO 10255 Assembly Square

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