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This is what we’re all about. We scour the web for the best custom LEGO models to share with you. From castles and spaceships to planes, trains, and automobiles, you’ll find the best LEGO creations from builders all over the world right here on The Brothers Brick.

I find your lack of bricks disturbing

Scruffy-looking son of a nerfherder umamen has been continuing his series of Star Wars themed character builds. But unlike his 8″ tall Chewbacca and Stormtrooper figures, this latest series are a mere 5″ tall – practically action figure sized. So if you showed up a bit late to the stores on Force Friday, maybe you can take a leaf out of his book and craft your own instead! The level of detail, clever part usage, and pose-ability in these is quite amazing…


Microscale scenes depict all VII Star Wars episodes in LEGO

Over the last few months, Irwan Prabowo has been posting a series of microscale LEGO dioramas inspired by all of the Star Wars movies, including the upcoming The Force Awakens.

My favorite is the crashed Star Destroyer seen in the trailer for the new movie. An X-wing and TIE fighter in the sands add some additional visual interest to a scene that might otherwise be a bit more plain at this scale.

Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens

Here are all of the mini-dioramas together, including the Death Star trench run, AT-AT assault on Hoth, and Sarlacc pit:

Star Wars Episode I-VII. mini dioramas.

To see all of them in detail, plus some more not in the group shot above (like Owen & Beru’s moisture farm with a Jawa sandcrawler) check out Irwan’s photostream on Flickr.

A crashed TIE fighter wing makes a good junkyard awning

Maybe it’s that I’m just noticing more LEGO Star Wars models as excitement has been building about the new The Force Awakens LEGO sets, but it seems like there have been a lot of pretty great Star Wars models popping up online over the last few weeks. de-marco brings us a scene from Tatooine with a cool green land speeder pulling up to a junk dealer’s shack. The builder doesn’t provide a whole lot of detail, but I can imagine this scene happening in the same time frame as the crashed Star Destroyer in Episode VII.


de-marco has only included his TIE fighter wing in this one scene, but I’d be interested in seeing his take on a complete fighter.

Japan’s WW2 surrender depicted on 26-foot LEGO USS Missouri

As the grandson of an American World War II veteran who was born and raised in Japan, I have a rather complicated relationship with the Pacific War in World War II. From Nanjing to Bataan, there’s no denying the atrocities committed by the Imperial Japanese military against both the peoples of fellow Asian nations as well as Allied prisoners of war, and yet I feel deep sympathy for the genuine suffering that the people of Japan experienced themselves — from the firebombing of my hometown Tokyo to burning Okinawan civilians alive as they hid in caves. The end of World War II could not come soon enough, and Japan’s surrender ensured that my GI grandfather did did not get shipped from Hawaii across the Pacific to participate in the invasion of the Japanese home islands.

To commemorate this important event 70 years ago today, Dan Siskind has built the American battleship USS Missouri, which was the venue in Tokyo Harbor for Japan’s surrender. At 26 feet long, Dan’s “Mighty Mo” is the largest LEGO warship ever made (four feet longer than Jumpei Mitsui’s Yamato).

Japan Surrender Cermony, September 2, 1945

This giant LEGO battleship dwarfs the room it’s currently housed in at the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota.

Japan Surrender Cermony, September 2, 1945

You can see more photos, including lots of work-in-progress shots, in Dan’s “USS Missouri Project” photoset on Flickr.

In the blue corner...

August has ended, and that means the latest bout of Iron Builder is now in the hands of the judges. We saw an exciting month long build-off between American title holder Matt De Lanoy and young Canadian challenger Tim Schwalfenberg. The fight produced some epic creations, many of which we’ve been covering along the way. So while we wait to see who emerges victorious, let’s enjoy some more of the entries, starting in this post with Matt’s…


This tin can is aces!

Last month’s TBB header photo winner Andrea Lattanzio has been posting images of awesome LEGO models in awesome LEGO garages for a while, and his latest is a beautiful 1932 Ford roadster with a really excellent engine hoist. Andrea has used this backdrop before, but if you haven’t spent time yet poring over all the accessories and other details, you owe it to yourself to do so now.

’32 Ford Roadster: classic choice.

Let me not then die ingloriously and without a struggle, but let me first do some great thing that shall be told among men hereafter

The epic poetry of Homer’s Iliad seems ripe for LEGO inspiration, but we don’t see a lot of Homeric LEGO. Simon Schweyer corrects this with a triptych of scenes from this great work of Classical literature.

First, Paris seduces and abducts Helen of Troy, setting in motion the vengeful war led by Helen’s husband Menelaus and his brother Agamemnon. A beautiful Spartan temple dominates the scene, complete with gilded statuary in the pediment.

Paris and Helen

Next, Simon depicts the 10-year siege of Troy itself, with a disconcerted Helen atop a surprisingly detailed white wall. My favorite detail is the rubble-filled interior section of the wall.

The Siege of Troy

Finally, the Greeks send the Trojans a gift horse, into whose mouth they really should have looked. Again, my eye was drawn past the wooden horse in the foreground to the temple’s pediment, with some excellent red, gold, and white mosaic work.

The Trojan Horse

Vaygr Battlecruiser from Homeworld by Tim Schwalfenberg

I’m not sure what’s going on this year, but we’re certainly seeing a lot of very large LEGO SHIPs in August (SHIPgust? Augtember?). Tim Schwalfenberg takes his inspiration from the venerable Homeworld PC game, with a super-detailed battlecruiser that’s easily one of my favorite SHIPs in several years. And at 140 studs long, Tim didn’t spare any length to achieve the shape and color blocking needed to achieve the distinctive look of the source material.

Vaygr Battlecruiser

I’m always a fan of the multi-view graphic:

Vagyr Battlecruiser Overview

Running around Rome with a hot princess

I’d never seen Roman Holiday until I watched it several years ago with my late grandparents. Now I can understand why it’s so many people’s favorite movie. Waka has built Miniland versions of Princess Ann and Joe Bradley on their iconic Vespa, enjoying a ride around the Eternal City. I love Gregory Peck’s tie and Audrey Hepburn’s new haircut.