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This is what we’re all about. We scour the web for the best custom LEGO models to share with you. From castles and spaceships to planes, trains, and automobiles, you’ll find the best LEGO creations from builders all over the world right here on The Brothers Brick.

Tiniest AT-ST takes on the Rebellion on Sullust

We can’t emphasize often enough how challenging it can be to create really small LEGO creations. Roy of Floremheim has built an AT-ST “chicken walker” walking not on the verdant moon of Endor but on the blackened plains of Sullust, as featured in the training mission in Star Wars: Battlefront. Despite being built from only about 20 pieces, this Imperial vehicle is instantly recognizable.

Microscale LEGO AT-ST

Porsche 919 Hybrid takes the pole at Le Mans

The official LEGO Porsche 919 Hybrid doesn’t quite have the same lean, low profile of the real thing, so EliteGuard01 has built a much more accurate version. To do so, the builder has taken some of the stickers from the set and applied them to a model that’s two studs wider. The race car fits a minifig, and the builder says it even has an engine.

Porsche 919 LMP1

Another LEGO nod to the classic Star Wars toys of the 80’s

Remember when Eric Druon built a LEGO version of the 1980’s Kenner Death Star? Well, the French builder is recreating even more of your favorite Star Wars toys from the past! But this time instead of the Death Star we get Cloud City of Bespin. Just look at those play features! This beauty has everything you need to reenact your favorite scenes from Empire including the carbon freezing chamber and the strange catwalk where (spoiler alert) Vader cuts off Luke’s hand.


Can I get both of these in a size 9, please?

Life-size LEGO creations are the best, especially when the subject matter is an everyday, mundane item. Like a shoe! These two pieces of LEGO footwear by AnActionfigure are great! The red high-top Chuck certainly looks like the real deal at first glance and the black pump is sheer sexiness.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star

Like a real Converse shoe, this LEGO one has those little breathable holes at the arch of the foot, a shiny white top cap, and it even looks a little collapsed in on itself thanks to a few expertly placed hinge pieces. Check out this other view to see how the front of the shoe is even a little wider than the rest.

And of course, in addition to your everyday kicks, you need a basic pair of high heels (for those nights out on the town). This shoe looks a bit uncomfortable, but I guess that is true of nearly any high heel, so I say, well done.

High Heel

Straight up awesome

Deep into Ma.Ktober and with Novvember almost upon us, we’re still not quite done with SHIPtember yet! Most of the giant LEGO spaceships we’ve featured over the last few weeks have been lengthy, horizontal ships. LEGOLIZE IT MAN goes in a completely different direction with this huge vertically oriented spaceship mounted on docking clamps. I love the repeated circular motifs in white, along with the angled black section at the rear.


Note the minifigs for scale. This is actually a vertically oriented, minifig-scale starfighter rather than the typical microscale battlecruiser. Very cool indeed.

The perfect Christmas gift for your little Strahl Youth

For a sci-fi universe based almost exclusively on rare Japanese plastic models, Maschinen Krieger has a broad fan base within the LEGO building community, supported by an annual building challenge in October. We’ve featured the LEGO mecha created by Andy several times here on The Brothers Brick, many of them integrating Belville figures as supporting characters. In what might be the smallest Ma.K mech we’ve featured — built from only about a dozen pieces and judiciously applied stickers — Andy has created an adorably lethal “Kinder-Kröte” that could well prove to be dangerous to kids and kitties alike.


Into the woods with Tom Bombadil

While Tom Bombadil is an overlooked character in the Lord of the Ring films, this LEGO rendition of his home is too good to let slip by without mention. legostrator has given us a colorful woodland scene, with the character in question front and center. The house itself is quite wonderful and full of color.

The combination of finger hinges and minifig hands gives a nice texture to the roof, while the different methods for the siding on the house make it visually interesting. Barrels in the corners are easy to miss! I particularly love the spindly tree to the right of the house. The lady’s dress is lovely, too!

Spider-Man distracts Venom from beautiful building

Thorsten Bonsch has nailed this scene from Marvel’s Ultimate Universe. Not long after 13 year old Miles Morales takes over as Spider-Man, he has one of his most important early fights with Venom. This build really grabbed my attention but it had nothing to do with the minifigures initially, or even the Venom creature… it was the fantastic building in the background. Thorsten’s brickwork is really special here, especially the window lintels and decorative roof. Lovely use of LEGO’s colour palate with dark orange, dark tan and black all coming together beautifully.

Spider-Man vs. Venom

Thorsten tells us that the Ultimate Universe Venom is much, much bigger than the 616 one, with no white spider symbol on his chest. I can’t say that I know a lot about Venom but I love his shaping and the ingenious use of white minifigure hands to create his sharp teeth.

Spider-Man vs. Venom

A quaint village of Ninjago

The world of Ninjago is rife with opportunities for exceptional fan-built LEGO creations, but oddly we don’t see them too often. One gorgeous exception, however, is this vignette of a small village by jaapxaap. The red oriental structures are highlighted with strands of gold, and the curved roofs are admirably done.

Ninjago Swamp City

This would look right at home next to the terrific Temple of Airjitzu set, which is currently $25 off on Amazon.


An old tale of horror in black and white

This LEGO portrait of Frankenstein’s monster by David Alexander Smith employs a nifty negative-space technique to create a classic movie-poster feel. The lurching lines lend an air of misshapen monstrosity to the face, and the monotone palette imitates the harsh lighting of ancient horror flicks.

Expressionist Portrait