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Josh is 30+ years old and has more Lego than he has hair. Which really isn't saying much. He builds mostly medieval creations, but dabbles in other genres. He is also a father and uses his kids as an excuse to buy Lego. That justification isn't working as well as it used to, so if you can think of a better justification, feel free to contact him. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Josh's Brickshelf gallery gets messier and messier. Josh also has a Flickr gallery, if you care about such things. He goes by the name "floodllama" there. If you wonder why he goes by "floodllama", you've obviously never owned a llama in flood. Josh feels sorry for you.

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Invasion! at BrickCon 2014

BrickCon recently announced their theme for the 2014 convention and it is “Invasion!”. What exactly does that mean? Apparently a little background is required. Over the years it has become tradition for the various themed sections (Castle, Space, Town, etc) to invade the other layouts throughout the convention. This usually entails space marines invading the castle, dragons attacking the moonbase, pink space fungus infecting all the other layouts, Breann’s bionicles eating stuff, various renditions of the Tardis appearing out of nowhere or Space Odyssey monoliths sprouting up like mushrooms after a bad rain.

INVASIONS at BrickCon 2013

This year BrickCon is embracing that concept and taking it to a new level. The coordinators of BrickCon are encouraging you to Invade and the more the merrier! Do you have a squad of World War II marines who want to travel back in time? A cadre of Yeti who are anxious to wreak havoc on a modern city? What about a gaggle of Friends ready to rubble with some bug-eyed aliens in the Space layout? Anything goes and the funnier the better. Personally, I’m training up a squad of strawberry bears to conquer BrickCon. What are you going to bring?

Please let the following pictures, courtesy of Sean Edmison, inspire you to new heights! Mash-ups and smack-downs highly encouraged. Batteries not included.

Cant we all be Friends?

When bears attack!

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Friday Night Fights (Round 30)

Welcome, die-hard fans, to the weekly Battle of the Ages here in the gore-soaked venue known as The Brothers Brick Arena! Tonight’s battle-royale features two builders known far and wide for their incredible skills and unique styles. Let’s go to the tale of the tape:

Levitating in the Red Corner, running high on testoterone and energy drinks, we have Mihai Marius Mihu and his Demonic Amulet:

Demonic Amulet - Cadaverous Shout

Dancing in the Blue Corner, with a swagger in his step and a chip on his shoulder, Moko brings the chibi with his Knight Gundam:

Knight Gundam

As always you make the call, in the comments, as to who will be wined and dined, and who will go home to a cup-of-noodles. The winner of last week’s shindig was Mike Dung’s Kagamine Rin with a score of 8-6. Enjoy and remember: you paid for the whole seat but you will only need the edge!

Friday Night Fights (Round 29)

After a brief hiatus, the Fights return in The Brothers Brick Arena. Join us for another fine night of fancy footwork and flying fisticuffs! Tonight’s matchup is a head-to-head battle of character as Mike Dung takes on Pascal.

In the Red Corner, Mike Dung’s “Kagamine Rin”:

Kagamine Rin

In the Blue Corner, Pascal’s “Claymore”:

The winner of Round 28 was the Airwolf with a score of 11-8. Help decide the winner of this week’s challenge by voting in the comments below. Who will take home the trophy and who one will spend the night crying in their beer?

Dippy the Diplodocus

Víctor Martínez Nouvilas (MolochBaal) has created a beautiful copy of the copy of Dippy, a diplodocus skeleton found in Wyoming in 1899. Plaster copies were donated to a number of Natural History Museums all over the world. Víctor built this to celebrate the 100th birthday of the Museum of Natural Science in Madrid’s copy of Dippy, which was finished on December 1st, 1913.


A couple of Vic Vipers

My photostream is currently flooded with Vic Vipers so I felt impelled to post two that really jumped out at me.

Christoph Monnaie’s (stenrtje) is loaded up with all sorts of awesome detail and greebly goodness.
BCS VV22 "Kathar" Starfighter

Rodney Bistline’s (Buster®) contribution literally leaps out of the screen in this lovely homage to vintage space box art.
Vic Viper Swoosh