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Josh is 30+ years old and has more Lego than he has hair. Which really isn't saying much. He builds mostly medieval creations, but dabbles in other genres. He is also a father and uses his kids as an excuse to buy Lego. That justification isn't working as well as it used to, so if you can think of a better justification, feel free to contact him. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Josh's Brickshelf gallery gets messier and messier. Josh also has a Flickr gallery, if you care about such things. He goes by the name "floodllama" there. If you wonder why he goes by "floodllama", you've obviously never owned a llama in flood. Josh feels sorry for you.

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LEGO Tardis from Doctor Who in 1/3 scale!

Shelly Timson is the creator of this work of art. She wanted to build a Tardis for the upcoming 50th anniversary of the iconic show, Doctor Who (just ten days away as of this writing!). She asked Rob Deakin, founder of the studio Inside the Brick, if she could use the studio’s supply of Dark Blue bricks. Over four thousand bricks and three weeks later this lovely Tardis emerged. The TARDIS, along with other creations, is on display at the Studio in Fairfield, a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria in Australia.



Check out the Flickr Set for more pictures and detail. Flickr comments have been disabled on all the pictures except for this one. If you want to tell Rob how awesome this build is, I’m sure he will be passing the comments on back to the builder.

Wearable Santa Head!

I know, I know, Christmas comes earlier and earlier every year and I’m not helping matters by posting Christmas creations in November. I’m sorry, but this Santa was too good to pass up. Jeff Cunningham has build an awesome Santa head. At first I thought it was a really nice display piece until I read the description. Come to find out, he can wear the thing and see out the eyes! I’m impressed, Jeff, very impressed.

LEGO Sword in the Stone – “Kay’s Squire”

Luke Watkins Hutchinson (-Derfel Cadarn-) has beautifully recreated a scene from Disney’s Sword in the Stone. The ramshackle tower and worn, eroded walls make this build stand out, but the smaller details bring it to life. For those familiar with the movie, you can see young “Wart” (young King Arthur) cranking on the jousting dummy while the arrogant Sir Kay practices his “form”. Quite the fun build!

Kay's Squire

Mount Tara Brea

This collaborative build, by Grant Davis and Eli Wilsea, was definitely a crowd-pleaser at BrickCon last month. It was packed with all sorts of interesting detail, minifig “life” and cool construction techniques. It took home a trophy for Best Medieval Building as well. The rugged technique they used on the battlements (the bits on top of castle walls) was one of my favorite details and the motorized waterfall was ingenious!

Brickcon castle

See more details on Grant’s MOCpage.

LEGO Super Mario Mushrooms

Choose wisely, as these delicious-looking mushrooms, by Dirk VH, are quite the power-ups! Weighing in at ten pounds a piece, the center one is the retro version of the power-up that turns Mario into Super Mario, while the blue one shrinks him down. The green one, of course, is the much sought after “1-Up” that gives you an extra life. Check out the time-lapse construction video as well!

LEGO Mushrooms

LEGO Tiger’s Nest Monastery, Paro Taktsang, Bhutan

Anu Pehrson is an amazing builder. This particular creation of hers, based on Paro Taktsang in Bhutan, was my favorite build at BrickCon this year. The attention to detail and the faithful representation of the original made this creation something special to behold. I found myself drawn to it over and over. Every time I stopped to look, I noticed more interesting details.

Tiger's Nest Monastery, Paro Taktsang

On a side note, Anu also made “a little friend” at BrickCon. I hear that he was impressed as well.

Friday Night Fights (Round 27)

Welcome back to The Brothers Brick Arena and another hammer-fisted night of thrills and chills. Our esteemed Announcer, Referee and Controller of The Action is taking a hiatus but I will be here to keep the Fights alive. Tonight we have a battle for the ages between two creatures concocted by builders who are more than adept at blowing minds, young and old.

In the Red Corner, with a stare that will penetrate to your very soul, I give you “Owl” by Mihai Marius Mihu .

In the Blue corner, weighing in with four more legs than his competitor, “Hoppy Hoppy Grasshopper” by Karf Oohlu.

Hoppy Hoppy Grasshopper

As always, you decide, via comments, who takes home the glory and adulation of the crowds and who is left crying in the locker room. Last week, the two contenders fought a mighty battle that lasted late into the night but neither was victorious and a draw was called with a score of 5-5. Tune in next week, same Fight Night, same Fight Time for another Battle of the Builders!