Amazon’s LEGO Sales and Deals for January 2017 [News]

Amazon has some nice sales on LEGO sets this month.

To begin with City Cargo Train is 30% off, currently on sale for $139.99, down from $199.99.

The LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack for XBOX 360 is 50% off, currently $39.99.

The Star Wars Battle of Takadana is 34% off, currently $39.73.

The Volcano Explorers’ Volcano Crawler is also discounted by 34%, currently on sale for $26.49.

Angry Birds’ Bird Island Egg Heist is 30% off, currently $20.99.

For a complete list of Amazon’s LEGO deals, Click Here!

And while they’re not on sale yet, remember that most of the new 2017 LEGO sets are now available, including 21308 Adventure Time and LEGO’s biggest ever modular building, 10255 Assembly Square.