2017 Speeder Bike Racing League Contest sponsored by The Brothers Brick [News]

The LEGO Speeder Bike Group is hosting their annual Racing League Contest. Any minifig-scale speeder bikes are welcome to enter. Check out the group’s photo pool for examples, if you aren’t familiar with the genre.

2017 Speeder Bike Racing League

There are three Grand Prize sets up for grabs, as well as individual category prize sets, donated by The Brothers Brick!

The categories are as follows:

Vastland Cross: Bikes should built and supplied for rugged and hostile terrain. Riders and their bikes should be prepped and supplied for the worst the environment has to offer.

Nightline City: A night-time race where the bikes are tricked out with the brightest transparent highlights available.

Overkill Oval: Riders and bikes should be shielded and armed to the teeth as everything on this course is trying to kill your rider and destroy their bike.

Grand Prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will be awarded to the builders who enter at least two of the categories and build the best racing teams.

First place will receive The Fortrex:

Second place will receive Jestro’s Evil Mobile:

Third place will receive Aaron Fox’s Aero Striker:

The winner of each category with receive Rey’s Speeder from The Brothers Brick.

Along with the LEGO sets from The Brothers Brick, entries can win custom speeder bikes built by the contest hosts as well as other prizes from EclipseGrafx, Chrome Block City and Perron4.

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  1. Josh Post author

    @VitorFaria – I’m curious how you think the rules are restrictive. Can you be a little more specific? I’m not hosting this contest, so I didn’t write the rules, but I thought they were pretty open. There are no size restrictions other than that it has to be minifig-scale. There are the guidelines for the categories but they are pretty open as well.

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