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Rough seas ahead

The latest build from Gabriel Thompson (qi_tah) is this splendid sloop, suitable for either war or peace. The bow and aft curves are especially nice, and all tied together with a cheerful color scheme that adds personality to both the boat and her crew.

Gabriel even includes some satisfyingly stomach-churning wave effects with this build; you can practically smell the salt spray and the sea-sick sailors.

Why build one when you can build seven?

I fell in love with Calin’s superb MaK SAFS as soon as he posted them, but while they are an uncannily accurate reproduction of the rounded source material they lacked that sense of excessive viciousness that I love so much.

So, having adopted the core of his model with some small changes, I incorporated spindly arms and digitigrade legs to get something much more sinister. Add in some boilerplate creepy backstory and a name from Native American mythology and voila, you’ve got a monstrous mech and six of his dearest friends.

Alpha Bandit Kickstarter

The team behind the incredibly successful Mobile Frame Zero is at it again, this time bringing microscale battles into the void of space.

The original game spawned an entire subcommunity around the competing factions of mecha and has brought a number of new builders into the AFOL community through the fusion of Lego, wargaming, and the timeless appeal of giant robots smashing into each other.

Check out the kickstarter here!

Droning on

The drone bandwagon keeps rolling, with the past week seeing a number of particularly nice examples of the genre.

Paul Meissner (legosamurai) pays homage to the artist that launched a thousand drones with this superbly accurate reproduction of a well-known piece of concept art by StTheo. And be sure to check out the rugged tactical variant, too.

Michael Wilhoit (MijeW) continues his trend of funky drone designs with unpronounceable names with this derpy-faced and spindly-armed design;

Xavier Fernandez (Bezor-1) finally takes a half decent photo of his excellent mecha builds with this elegant design. The minimalist color scheme makes the turquoise katana look all the better.

Stripes make it go faster

The microGARC trend continues to race along at breakneck speed, distinguished by detailed stickering which makes the ships look much larger than they really are.

The Banana Split by Lego Junkie looks more like a heavy-duty construction unit rather than a racer. The repetition of the lines of the intakes in the stripes up top is particularly nice.

GARC; Banana Split.

This Elysium shuttle by Jacob Unterreiner (4estFeller) isn’t strictly a GARC racer, but the intentionally chaotic stickering and minute detailing make it fit in right alongside its flashier cousins.

Elysium Smuggler Ship

So it goes.

Generally speaking, I don’t consider most Lego builds ‘art’. Most of the time, builders just want to make a cool castle or spaceship or whatever. When someone wants to convey a message through a build, it’s all too often done in a heavyhanded manner.

Not so with this scene by Brian Rinker (├étin). The construction and technique is all top-notch, but it’s the understated framing here that transcends the medium.

The Note