The littlest whaler hunting the littlest whales

Dane gives us a sweet triple play of great builds, with a bleak monochrome style perfectly suited to a dreary rainy Monday.

The unexpected star of the show is this twistedly twee whaling ship, chasing the last of the pygmy whales across the cold ocean.

On the other end of the grey spectrum is this sleek mech, a study in clean design and smooth lines, every inch exuding brutal intent.

8 comments on “The littlest whaler hunting the littlest whales

  1. JW

    “this twistedly twee whaling ship”

    Given that whaling is cruel, barbaric, and is only legal in 3 countries, I find this build (with the little whale corpse hanging from the side) to be in very poor taste.

  2. Paltogue

    I can’t help feel that changing the colour in pictures of LEGO builds so much is a kind of cheating – no wonder it looks monochrome – everything has been adjusted to look that way!

  3. Carter Post author

    @JW: if you click through to the builder’s photo, you’ll see that his intent was clearly satirical. No one is condoning the extinction of adorable pygmy whales.

    @Paltogue: Nearly all builders adjust the brightness/contrast in their photos before finalizing them, but color shifting is much rarer. Both photos have been cleaned up, but neither has been color shifted. Dane simply built with light grey bricks.

  4. Paltogue

    There comes a point though when adjusting brightness and contrast changes the look considerably – look at the yellow faces and brown bricks in those pictures for the extent to which it’s been changed. I’m not saying it doesn’t look good, but part of that is the editing.

  5. mechanekton

    I don’t build to show off plastic pieces, I build to be creative and give form to my ideas. Because of this, I will display them in the ways that fit how I see them in my head, also because Lego’s color palette generally does not fit with what I’m interested in.

  6. Josh

    @JW – You are entitled to your opinion regarding the “taste” of this build. There are many other builds that I find in worst taste. To each his own.

    However I feel the need to point out that your information is incorrect. Whaling is legal in at least 12 countries. I assume the three countries you refer to are Japan, Iceland and Norway but those are simply the three countries that protested the IWC ban on “commercial whaling”. I would say that “Commercial Whaling” is any whaling in which some hunting is legal and the products of the hunt are sold on the open market. Again, there are at least 12 countries in which this is the case.

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