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Massive Helm’s Deep diorama in Lego

Daniel Z presents the best Lego rendition of Helm’s Deep I’ve seen. In addition to its massive scale, the creation maintains a high quality such as seen in the texture of the landscape. Unfortunately it does not appear that any official Lego Lord of the Rings minifigs or new parts were used, which leads me to believe that the creation was made before their release. But overall, one cannot deny this majestic recreation of an epic battle.

The Hornburg at Helm's Deep

Microscale Sci-Fi (Mi-Fi) contest winners announced

I feel truly awful that I never got around to featuring more than a handful of the wonderful microscale models from the recent Mi-Fi contest run by The Living Brick. (Can you ever forgive me, Iain?) Anyway, Iain and Rod have announced the winners!

nolnet‘s “1.21 Gigawatts” and halfbeak‘s “Resistance is Futile” deservedly took the top spots.

1.21 Gigawatts Resistance Is Futile

SPARKART! submitted two great entries, inspired by The Matrix and Bladerunner. the real world. Los Angeles November 2019

Carl Merriam also entered two great micro-models, from Spaceballs and “Futurama”.


Check out the group pool for a stellar lineup of entries, and read Iain’s writeup, highlighting even more of the great entries. Congratulations to the winners, and here’s hoping Iain runs this contest annually!

LEGO Colosseum epic enough for a visit from the LEGO Pope

The archaeological purist in me had initially passed this up because it’s white (versus the tan-hued limestone and weathered brick of the real thing), but the Internet has convinced me that this LEGO Colosseum by Ryan McNaught — whose equally epic Saturn V rocket we highlighted earlier this year — is too epic to ignore.

LEGO Colosseum

Ryan’s Colosseum is split into modern and ancient halves, with a ruined structure on the left and a shiny new amphitheatre populated by entertained Romans on the right.

His scene is completed by a LEGO version of the nearby Arch of Constantine:

LEGO Constantines arch

Check out lots of photos (many with great little scenes of daily life in modern and ancient Rome) in Ryan’s photoset on Flickr.

Anu puts brick bricks to good use

The 2012 LEGO City sets were the first to include the new “brick bricks” more than six months ago, but it’s only recently that LEGO builders have accumulated enough of the new element to build something substantial with them. Anu Pehrson treats us to a lovely modular building full of rich colors and wonderful details. The fluted columns on the second story are a great touch.

One Brick Plaza-1