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New Space Contest – Put Your Brick Where Your Mouth Is! [Contest]

Put Your Brick Where Your Mouth Is!  LEGO Contest

That’s right, it’s a new contest, over at The challenge, put your brick where your mouth is. People love to talk about how they could do a better job designing a LEGO set than the folks at LEGO do. So here’s the challenge, DO IT! Build a great space set! Mark Stafford, a designer at LEGO, has graciously offered to serve as a judge for this contest, but it is NOT an official LEGO contest. LEGO didn’t put me up to this, and they won’t be taking any of your ideas and turning them into sets. There will be prizes, though, thanks to Steve Witt. Each size category winner will receive a space set of that size.

More details are here.

Ochre Jelly, LEGO Arnold, Conan, California, and things of this nature

Iain Heath of The Living Brick presents “ARNIFORNIA!” — Arnold Schwarzenegger stands tall as both Conan the Barbarian and the Governor of California.

LEGO Arnold Schwarzenegger

Conan also shares words to live by. Asked “What is best in life?” he replies, “To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women.” Indeed.

In addition to the inherent humor of the scene, Iain incorporates several nice techniques, starting with the furled flag. The sword includes a pair of space control panels as the guard, and Arnold wears boots made from barrels.

PhiMa’s Universal Carrier transports Allied troops in relative safety

The Universal Carrier or “Bren Gun Carrier” is one of the most under-appreciated vehicles of the Second World War. Despite over 100,000 being produced, it’s frequently overshadowed by larger, more iconic tracked vehicles like the Sherman tank.

PhiMa remedies this situation with his lovely little LEGO version of this armored World War II vehicle.

LEGO WW2 Bren Gun Carrier - Universal Carrier

PhiMa’s Deuce and a Half (M35 2 1/2-ton Cargo Truck) also has a nice heft to it, reusing canopies from LEGO Indiana Jones sets:

LEGO WW2 Deuce and a Half

Canberra Brick Expo 2010

Canberra Brick Expo is taking expressions of interest for their 2010 show. Check the site for up to date information but a brief summary is as follows

An entertaining and interesting exhibition of rare and unique LEGO® creations by interstate and local collectors and modellers

Hundreds of static, moving and robotic models in themes including: Star Wars™, Trains, Planes, Space Ships, Racing Cars, Monuments and Sculptures

Sunday 8th August 2010
10:00am to 4:00pm

The Top of the Cross
Canberra Southern Cross Club – Woden
92-96 Corinna Street Phillip ACT 2606

Buy hard to find and discontinued LEGO® sets from authorised resellers onsite

For more information or exhibitor applications please contact Brick Expo

Even dwarves can stand tall

Tom Snellan presents a beautiful snowscape at the entrance of a dwarves’ mine. The most impressive feature is definitely the sculpture of the giant dwarf (pardon the oxymoron), which very closely resembles its minifig counterpart. I also like the combination of using droid arms and arch bricks on the tree, which adds a realism that either alone can achieve.

A great deal happened in 1955.

Fun fact–I am, in fact, a sucker for classic cars. I went to my prom in a very, very lovely 1967 Firebird, and the thing simply purred.

And while my building style makes it difficult for me to translate that sort of enthusiasm into LEGO, Peter Blackert does not appear to have the same issue that I do:

There are plenty more vehicles in his gallery.

Yes yes, it’s the 11th Doctor, but what about Captain Jack?

I’ve been enjoying the recent Doctor Who for several years now, but I actually preferred Torchwood. Regardless, I’m looking forward to the next incarnation of the Doctor — the 11th — here portrayed in LEGO, complete with a TARDIS, by Mark Stafford (lego_nabii):

LEGO Doctor Who

Via VignetteBricks.