LEGO Prince of Persia sets now available from LEGO Shop at Home [News]

All of the five new LEGO Prince of Persia sets are now available from the LEGO Shop Online. In addition, three keychains and a Prince of Persia magnet seticon have been listed. Nannan recently confirmed that the quality of the minifigures from the magnet sets are the same quality as normal minifigs, so get on your camel and start shopping!

For $20, 7570 The Ostrich Raceicon includes two ostriches and a shirtless Jake Gyllenhaal minifig.


If oddly pink ostriches aren’t your thing, 7571 Fight for the Daggericon ($30) includes the first LEGO camel.


The big set in this theme is 7573 Battle of Almuticon, with 7 minifigs and a camel.


These last two Prince of Persia sets didn’t seem to warrant pictures, but also have some interesting new parts and minifigs:

After seeing the full trailer before Alice in Wonderland, I’m even less inclined to go watch the movie, but I’m rather excited by all the new stuff in the Prince of Persia LEGO sets.

12 comments on “LEGO Prince of Persia sets now available from LEGO Shop at Home [News]

  1. Ryan H.

    The new Alice[‘s Adventures] In Wonderland sucked, IMOO. A very Disney-ized plot, and — apart from the characters and a few quotes (“Why is a raven like a writing desk?” being repeated ad nauseam) — is VERY unfaithful to either book. They misnamed the Queen of Hearts, and Anne Hathaway looks hideous. I’m not a big fan of the 3D-ness, either, but that’s just me.

    Aaaanyway, yay for PoP sets!

  2. ILikePi

    The magnet set minifigs look very cool! I’ll definitely have to get one of it and that Nizam keychain. :)

    I’ll probably have to purchase the two cheapest sets, too (and possibly the $30 and $80 if there’s a huge sale)!

  3. SJ Commander

    I’m wanting that cross-sheath for the katana’s. Awesome little piece of gear that DOES’NT require the fig wearing the ninja headwear.

  4. Sarah

    This made me decide to cancel my Amazon pre-order and go ahead and order it from Lego. May have been cheaper but I like that I’ll get this order faster with standard delivery. Plus I’d rather give my money directly to Lego.

    I ordered the Ostrich Race, fight for the dagger, and the desert attack. I got the last one because it comes with that figure you can see here in the Battle for Almut set, with the cool claw(Wolverine?) hands.

  5. David4

    Nolnet, this isn’t the first “black” LEGO minifigure in a movie line, Star Wars, Spiderman, Batman all had at least one.

    Sarah, what difference does it make who gets your money? lol

    I love the Castle, I hope the movie bombs and these go on sale for 50% off. :)

  6. Sarah

    David, I suppose in one way it doesn’t, Lego will still make a profit if I bought it on Amazon. But given the choice AND because I’ll get it from Lego faster, I’ll buy from them.

  7. jimmythefly

    If possible I like to go to the Lego Store and order stuff from them. That way I get some VIP points and it’s still shipped to my door. Plus it’s an excuse to go to the Lego store.

    Also, a review of the Ostrich Race is up on Europbricks if you haven’t seen it yet.

  8. Andrew Post author

    As I like to remind our dear readers from time to time, buying from brick-and-mortar stores does not help support the LEGO websites you frequent, whether it’s TBB, FBTB, Brickset, or elsewhere. Running a website like this isn’t free, and isn’t even cheap. ;-)

  9. eti

    Quite a lot of parts I want! But oh, those prices… USAnians get these cheap once again, because 80 dollars is 85 euros in this case. I seriously wonder how many people are going to buy sets from a relatively unknown movie for such prices.

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