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Rufescent Basilisk

Zach Clapsadle just posted this crazy looking ship. While I can’t approve of the painted canopy pieces, I’m letting it slide because of the shape of the ship. It’s just so interesting!

The shape is unconventional, and looks swooshable and fun. I’m always a fan of intakes on ships, and this thing doesn’t disappoint in that department. It also does a great job of mixing studs and studless construction. Each stud appears to have been placed with a thoughtful mind.

Rufescent Basilisk

But I don’t have enough bricks

Cole Blaqs alternate

Thanks to the new LEGO Remix pool on flickr I’ve uncovered not one, but two excellent builds made using only the pieces from one or two set. Alternate set builds are a great way to get creative without access to a lot of bricks like when you’re on holidays. Cole Blaq‘s Rat Rod (above) is made from 5867 Super Car while Jim Devona’s (anoved) Asymmetrical Starfighter (below) is made from sets 8969 and 8630.

Jim Devonas alternate

The LEGO Window to the Community Program comes to an end

That’s right folks, it’s a sad day. LEGO is putting an end to their Window to the Community program, which allowed fans to install displays in LEGO Brand Retail stores. Fortunately, all is not lost, Steve Witt and others at LEGO are working on developing a new program for interaction between the stores and the fans.

Here’s the message from Steve:

Hey everyone,

I’m mailing you because your club is involved with the Window into the community. Many of you have probably seen the rumors that the Window into the Community are going to be removed from the LEGO Brand Retail stores. Well, I’m sad to say that its true, but it isn’t the whole story.

The Windows needed to come out because the stores are desperate for the space and on top of that we (upper management and me) have been looking for a way to morph the existing strategy for Club store interaction into something that creates a better experience for the entire Club instead of just one person at a time.

I want to assure you guys that just because the Window is leaving doesn’t mean something else isn’t going to take it’s place. I just wanted to make sure you guys had some information from me.

We have a basic plan ready to implement soon but we’re also still growing the ideas. If you have anything that you and your club would really desire to do in/with a store please respond to this email as all ideas will be considered as we try to grow the new version of AFOL/Brand Retail interaction into something even more interesting and fun than we’ve ever had before.


30,000-piece Star Wars Droid Control Ship

After two-years in the making, Paul Yperman‘s Droid Control Ship will no doubt enter the ranks of the legendary Star Wars creations. Compared to Thomas Benedikt‘s version, Paul’s build differs in the surface textures of the model. He uses tiles and greebling elements in shades of gray to add realistic-looking details, which really enhances the appearance of this amazing creation.