The LEGO Window to the Community Program comes to an end

That’s right folks, it’s a sad day. LEGO is putting an end to their Window to the Community program, which allowed fans to install displays in LEGO Brand Retail stores. Fortunately, all is not lost, Steve Witt and others at LEGO are working on developing a new program for interaction between the stores and the fans.

Here’s the message from Steve:

Hey everyone,

I’m mailing you because your club is involved with the Window into the community. Many of you have probably seen the rumors that the Window into the Community are going to be removed from the LEGO Brand Retail stores. Well, I’m sad to say that its true, but it isn’t the whole story.

The Windows needed to come out because the stores are desperate for the space and on top of that we (upper management and me) have been looking for a way to morph the existing strategy for Club store interaction into something that creates a better experience for the entire Club instead of just one person at a time.

I want to assure you guys that just because the Window is leaving doesn’t mean something else isn’t going to take it’s place. I just wanted to make sure you guys had some information from me.

We have a basic plan ready to implement soon but we’re also still growing the ideas. If you have anything that you and your club would really desire to do in/with a store please respond to this email as all ideas will be considered as we try to grow the new version of AFOL/Brand Retail interaction into something even more interesting and fun than we’ve ever had before.


5 comments on “The LEGO Window to the Community Program comes to an end

  1. Daedalus

    Well, that’s sad. I don’t get out to the store “near” me too often, but that display is always a highlight of the visit. It’s always great to see the stuff in person, especially when it’s something I first saw on here. Considering how big the window is, I can’t imagine they need the space -that- badly.
    But, maybe this new approach will be even better. I’ll wait and see, although I admit I’m skeptical at present.

  2. Fred

    That’s a bummer. I really enjoyed the displays. Frankly I don’t see the store near me in Colorado desperate for space so, the excuse seems a bit contrived.

  3. Josh

    ^I’m curious how you know that your local store doesn’t need more shelf space. Its not normally something you can see by walking around a store.

    I don’t work in a Lego store, so I wouldn’t know for sure, but I’d be surprised if the excuse was contrived. Retail stores, of any kind, are always trying to maximize their shelf space. From what I’ve heard and seen, the backrooms of the Lego Stores are small, cramped and packed with merchandise waiting for shelf space. Merchandise has to be on the shelves to sell, therefore, every square inch matters.

    While I am sad to see the Window Into the Community going away, I am curious to see what the replacement will be. I am not skeptical about the replacement nor would I be angry if the Lego stores had to do away with the concept entirely. While I’m sure having such a display is good PR, it would be rather hard to put a dollar amount on what the Window generates. How many other companies allow their customers a permanent display in their stores? Not many, I’m thinking.

  4. whalesekins

    Just so you have the view of an employee… Unfortunately we *do* need the shelving space that the window takes up. My store is actually pretty sad for the window to be removed but on the business side we’re excited to have the shelving. When it comes to new product or getting product back in stock *most* stores have an absolutely horrible time trying to find space for the product with the lack of space we actually do have, especially when it comes to extended line, city and Star Wars.

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