30,000-piece Star Wars Droid Control Ship

After two-years in the making, Paul Yperman‘s Droid Control Ship will no doubt enter the ranks of the legendary Star Wars creations. Compared to Thomas Benedikt‘s version, Paul’s build differs in the surface textures of the model. He uses tiles and greebling elements in shades of gray to add realistic-looking details, which really enhances the appearance of this amazing creation.

6 comments on “30,000-piece Star Wars Droid Control Ship

  1. SJ Commander

    Truly epic it is. Dang that’s cool! My inner Star Wars geek is getting high just by looking at it….

  2. brickfrenzy

    Dan: having built models of that scale before, it can most easily have 30,000 pieces in it. I can guarantee that this is much much bigger in person than you think it is. Large Lego MOCs always are.

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