First photo of Vintage Minifigure Collection Vol. 5 [News]

It looks like someone got their hands on the next volume of the minifigure collection series. What I see is an awesome lineup of some of the most coveted lady minifigs in Lego history including: the forest woman, white ninja, and the doctor with the pigtail hair.

Via Eurobricks

Update: here’s an official picture from Toys N Bricks:

10 comments on “First photo of Vintage Minifigure Collection Vol. 5 [News]

  1. Magnus

    Oh WOW! The Green Forest Babe is one of the long lost and most missed figs of all! What is this likely to cost in the US?

  2. David4

    In the past these minifigures were Chinese garbage and not worth the $4 a piece they cost. The sets are normally $15-$18.

    However very smart to do a “women” set, but I rather have a woman Pirate from 1989, wasn’t that the first female?

  3. worker201

    Hey Ladies!

    I don’t need this set for myself, but my nieces will love it. I’m glad that Lego is paying some attention to its potential female customers. 1/4 of the children I see in the Lego store are girls, a market too large to ignore.

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