Monthly Archives: October 2009

Of cliffs and castles

These two elements tend to combine to make an awe-inspiring scene. This is precisely what’s depicted in Luke Watkins‘ diorama of a church on a cliff overlooking violent waters. The story goes that pirates used lights on the cliffs to lure ships to crash on the rocks below during stormy nights. The church thus rings its bells as warning and lament for those passing.

You can see separate photos of the church on MOCpages.

Zumbi + Lichtblau = 1975 Ford Taunus

As Tim and Mike demonstrate, collaborative builds need not be limited to once-a-year conventions or take the form of meters-long dioramas.

Lichtblau sent MisterZumbi pics of a Ford Taunus he’d been working on, and the two worked on the design together over the next couple of weeks. Here’s the result, in ever-awesome lime.

LEGO 1975 Ford Taunus

Look Pugsly, it’s a rhinoceros!

The minifig in this little dio by Evildead may want to keep running, but I have a dog sitting next to me here who’s willing to take on that two-horned beast.

LEGO rhinoceros

No, seriously! He barks at them when they come on TV. Anyway, I think this is the first brick-built rhino that I’ve seen. It’s an interesting presentation, too, with just a few tan plates to help add a boundary to the scene.

Thanks for the tip, Bruce!

Battered by waves for a thousand years

Castle New Rock is living testament to mankind’s mastery of nature. If you were impressed by Matija Grguric‘s original Castle Rock, you’ll be blown away by his newest creation, featuring 20,000 bricks and 3 months of genius at work. The concept of a gargantuan castle nesting on jagged rocks jutting from the sea is the embodiment of the sublime.

No matter which angle you look at the creation from, it’s always a sight to behold.

6357 Redux

Set 6357 Redux by Mike Psiaki and me

I recently contacted Mike Psiaki about redoing my favourite childhood set 6357 in a modern and detailed form. He agreed and after much conversation, sharing of photos and work this is the result. The helicopter was mostly made by Mike and the truck by me but both were discussed at length to get them looking as good as we could manage. The trailer was a true combined effort with each of us contributing many ideas.

Mikes Steam Digger

Although Mike has been more busy building than me.

Fear the green water

Sorry for not coming up with a better title, but if you look at Chris Edward‘s microscale Castle on the Lake, you’ll either be consciously or unconsciously affected by all the shades of green from the sand green roofs to the green cliff vegetation and finally… the tranquil yet ominous green water. This subtlety combined with Chris’ skilled building equals a fine creation.

Howl’s Moving LEGO Castle

Imagine Rigney is the only builder I know to have built Howl’s Moving Castle beyond a microscale version. For a teenage builder, this is quite an achievement as he has captured the haphazard looks of the castle by using angled plates and a mash up of rusty colors. See more including interior and construction shots on MOCpages.