Pop-up LEGO Kinkaku-ji opens to reveal golden pavilion

The Buddhist temple of Kinkaku-ji was originally built in 1397. In 2009, talapz built a Kinkaku-ji in a box. Okay, words fail me here. They really do.

The builder notes in the video that he used 4,500 LEGO pieces to build his pop-up Kinkaku-ji, and it weighs 4 kg. Be sure to watch the whole video — talapz shows how this amazing creation pops up out of the box.

And don’t miss Jumpei Mitsui’s Kinkaku-ji from 2007.

10 comments on “Pop-up LEGO Kinkaku-ji opens to reveal golden pavilion

  1. matija

    This is simply amazing! It left me speechless. Perfect construction of the pavilion and engineering. I visited the pavilion last year in Kyoto, and it’s astonishing. Almost as beautiful as this model.

  2. Kin

    Honestly… My jaw almost drop out from my mouth when i watch the full video! Totally Amazing! Can’t believe that LEGO Technic piece can perform such goo function here!

  3. valgarise

    It is incredible!

    It is not only really beautifull it is a really complex engineering system.
    There is not any detail miss, box is perfect and model nice.

    Excellent work!

  4. LegoFace42

    Just fantastic! A great feat of lego engineering. I’d love if Lego would make models like this. Various buildings, landscapes,etc. that fold out when built. I’d be first in line to get them. Could be a new craze.

  5. Brad

    That is just lovely. Astounding and lovely! If you check out the YouTube video, there is also a stop-motion sphere build which is also clever and fun to wathc.

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