Howl’s Moving LEGO Castle

Imagine Rigney is the only builder I know to have built Howl’s Moving Castle beyond a microscale version. For a teenage builder, this is quite an achievement as he has captured the haphazard looks of the castle by using angled plates and a mash up of rusty colors. See more including interior and construction shots on MOCpages.

Howl's Moving Castle Front View

7 comments on “Howl’s Moving LEGO Castle

  1. Turkguy19

    Not really a fan of this. It looks more like a caricature of the original moving castle from the anime. The structure is to fat and round. It should have many of the structures stacked on top of one another rather then spread out. But, whatever, that’s just my opinion based on the way the original actually looked.

  2. "Big Daddy" Nelson

    I have seen this MOC in person, and it is great!

    @Turkguy19: Your observations are somewhat correct, but like all great MOCs, perhaps if you saw it in person, you would appreciate it more. Especially if you could see this one displayed with pictures of the ‘castle’, and a DVD of the movie playing right beside it. The feet are especially well constructed. Good job, Imagine!!

  3. Apocalust

    @turkguy19: Seriously? A caricature of the anime…seriously? I was there with Nelson. I walked up and said; “Oh man, that’s totally Howl’s Moving Castle.” That thing has a light up interior featuring Calcifer. It has the turnip headed scarecrow hanging onto it outside.
    Pfahh, never mind me. It’s just my opinion.
    I’ll be looking out for your “accurate” Howl’s Moving Castle though! ^_^

  4. Dezperado

    Does it have to be quite the achievement for a teenage builder? Can’t it just be an achievement for any builder?

  5. Turkguy19

    Yes, a caricature, because it is to shot and fat. You can think what you want, but it’s not as accurate to the original as you may think.

  6. Psiaki

    I think if he took pictures against a blue background, and from down low (a fig’s perspective) this would look a lot better. It is pretty awesome already though.

    My only real complaint on the model are his color choices. My guess is that this is just due to limited parts though, so it can be forgiven.

  7. SJ Commander

    This reminds me of the droid Great Heep for some reason, while the two don’t really look alike in the first place….Hmm, odd…

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