Post Apocalyptic Variety

Daniel García (AlterEvo) wants us to know that there’s more to building post apocalyptic creations than zombies and gun-toting survivors. He’s mixed old and new grays to great effect here.

This is also the perfect complement to the shiny vehicular vision of the future I just posted.

Post Apocalyptic Car

5 comments on “Post Apocalyptic Variety

  1. Evo

    Hi! Can you modify my name, please? Is Daniel García Rdoad. Thanks!

    And I’m very happy to be re-blogged ;)

  2. Dan Post author

    I’ve fixed it. I copied your surname from your flickr profile, you may want to change that. I usually leave out middle names, but if you want it there, you’ve got it.

  3. Evo

    Sorry, I writed so fast this comment. Really is Daniel García Rodado.

    I’m spanish, so I have TWO second names. García is for my father, and Rodado is for my mother. García isn’t a Middle Name.

    And… thanks again! ;)

  4. Dan Post author

    Got it. I myself have two middle names, one of which is my mother’s surname, while my own surname is my father’s.

  5. Andrew

    Thinking back to my high school Spanish, I believe that Daniel means that his name should be “Daniel Garcia.” :-) Fixed (I think).

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