Battered by waves for a thousand years

Castle New Rock is living testament to mankind’s mastery of nature. If you were impressed by Matija Grguric‘s original Castle Rock, you’ll be blown away by his newest creation, featuring 20,000 bricks and 3 months of genius at work. The concept of a gargantuan castle nesting on jagged rocks jutting from the sea is the embodiment of the sublime.

No matter which angle you look at the creation from, it’s always a sight to behold.

3 comments on “Battered by waves for a thousand years

  1. proudlove

    Wicked! I’m not sure why some people are still afraid of Flickr though. I so want to fave this.

  2. worker201

    Mankind’s mastery of nature? So far, man has only been able to stall the inevitable. Looks to me like nature will eventually win, as it always does.

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