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Bye bye BV 2009

BV badge

Shannon Sproule (Ocean) has posted the first set of pictures from Brickvention 2009 in Melbourne. They’re big pics but you can see we had fun. My camera is awful outside of macro mode and my skills are similar so I’m considering Shannon the official TBB photographer. I’ll try to add some more links from other people here as I see them but I’m still on holidays for a while so… time will tell.

On a personal note I’d like to thanks everyone for making it so much fun and say a big hi to all the people I finally met in real life. Top notch bunch of blokes and sheilas.

More pics

Registration now required to post comments on The Brothers Brick [News]

Anonymity on the Internet has costs as well as important benefits. One cost we’ve seen here on The Brothers Brick is a commenter’s ability to hide behind complete anonymity when stating an opinion or giving feedback they think may be unpopular or controversial. Another cost is that commenters can switch between multiple identities or even “spoof” the identify of someone else.

To help resolve these and related issues, I’m announcing that you will now need to be registered to leave a comment on The Brothers Brick. We’ve updated our Privacy Policy to reflect the new ways in which we use information you share with us. That said, you still only need a name and e-mail address to register — just like leaving a comment today.

Starting with our new Terms of Service, this is part of a series of changes we’ll be making to improve the interactive experience here on The Brothers Brick — both for readers and contributors. For more information and discussion about the Terms of Service, read the announcement post.

If you feel uncomfortable registering and leaving a comment about this change, please use the Contact Us page to send us a private e-mail.

Dracopedes & Necrosorcerers

Fedde combines scorpions, crabs, dragon wings, and other disparate elements into one amazing whole he calls a “Dracopede”:

And here’s another one we missed over the holidays. Fedde showcases his alter ego, the Necrosorcerer Karf Oolhu, “Making himself a +10 Crown of Magic Protection”:

So that’s what the Old Ones did before traversing the depths of space, only to fall asleep beneath the waves here on Earth…