Mosaics of unrivaled ingenuity

Brandon Griffith (icgetaway) displayed two knockout mosaics at BrickCon last October. In addition to their enormous proportions (scale picture 1 and 2), these mosaics are constructed from effective and unusual building techniques. The first, called See Your Enemy, depicts the scene from the Matrix when Neo sees the real representation of Agent Smith. The mosaic uses transparent elements placed on top of traditional colors for an added layer of texture.

The second is a representation of the artwork from the Criterion Edition of Akira Kurosawa’s “Throne of Blood,” it uses a combination of plates, tiles, and even slopes for a variety of textures. Click here for a high resolution of the mosaic to see the details.

5 comments on “Mosaics of unrivaled ingenuity

  1. Will Meitzler

    Utter masterpieces. i am amazed at the textures and the level of detail and color in the matrix one

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