FRS Shakespeare, SlyOwl’s Imperial Lightning-Catcher

It’s been a while since we’ve featured a floating rock, so SlyOwl‘s ship — the FRS Shakespeare — came as a very pleasant surprise. The fact that it flies around catching lightning makes it that much cooler.

4 comments on “FRS Shakespeare, SlyOwl’s Imperial Lightning-Catcher

  1. Sherblock

    I think maybe an explanation is needed. This ship is from the movie StraDust, where this guy and his ship go around capturing lightning and selling it in the form of energy. Those things on the back are what catches the lighting itself.


  2. Nathan Wells

    That’s not entirely true. The ship featured in Stardust is the Caspartine, piloted by Captain Shakespeare. It’s an dirigible airship, not a floating rock, and more steampunk in its inspiration. However, the function of the ship – to catch lightning – is the same to SlyOwl’s ship.

  3. Curtis

    Yeah, this isn’t necessarily the ship from Stardust (which was a pirate vessel and this one is an imperial vessel). You’d be safe guessing it draws inspiration, but to go and say for yourself that it is one in the same is a step too far. With that said, SlyOwl, you are the rock the flying rocks!

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